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Historic, archived document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices, 

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Mstablish#dl iSg^ 


Catalogue No. 1. 



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Xo. 621 7tli Street, opposite U. S. Patent Office. 

Washington City, D, C> 




The foUov^ing Catatoffues are pubtished and 
sent gratis to alt applicants: 

JVb, /—A Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue 
of M^uit Trees, &c, Trice 70 cents. 

JVo, 2 — Catalogue of Ga7'de?i, Agricultural and 
JF^loTver Seeds. 

JVo. 3 — Wholesale Catalogue, or Irade list, 
published ererj^ Autum?z. 

JVb, ^ — An Illustrated Catalogue of Ornamefital 
Trees, Urergreens , Shrubs, &c. Trice 
70 cents, 

JVo. 5— Descriptive Catalogue of a Selection of 

JVo, 6 — Desc7'iptive Catalogue of JVejv, Hare, 
a?id Heatdiful Tla?its, Dahlias, Chrj^- 
sa?ithemums, Gera?iiums, J^uchsias, 
Car?iatio?is, Sc. Tublished I'ebrua^y 
7st, Tvith a colored plate, I^ree to 
Customers ; to others 70 ce?its, or a 
plai7i copj^ free. 

JVo. 7—Desc7*iptive Catalogue of Sulbs, pub- 
lished eve7y Autu7n7i. 

JVo. 8— Descriptive Catalogue of 07'chids, &c. 

-^ i;stariIisTiE5 ISS^.-^ 






iSi"arseryman, Seed-grower, Florist and Importer, 

NURSERIES & GREEXHOUSES— On Seventli Street Road. 


No. 621 7tli Street, opposite U. S. Patent Office. 


Prixted by John Murphy & Co 

Publishers, Booksellers, Printers and Stationers, 
182 Baltimore Street. 



In presenting this edition of my Fruit Tree Catalogue to the public, 
I would observe that many additions have been made to the various 
classes of Fruits, so as to include every novelty of merit, with all 
the well tested varieties. 

My attention is constantly devoted to every phase of the business, 
with which I am practically conversaut. Every care has been taken in 
obtaining fruit trees correct to name from the most reliable sources in 
this country and Europe ; and as all are grown under my personal 
supervision, I feel confident that the nomenclature is as near perfect as 
possible. The soil of the nurseries being new and fresh, and admirably 
adapted for the g^rowth of trees and diffusion of roots, the trees are of 
the most vigorous and healthy description Those varieties of Apple, 
Pear, Peach, &c., suitable for the Middle, Southern and Southwestern 
States, are extensively propagated ; it being well known that many 
varieties, especially of the two former, which succeed well in the 
Northern States, do not retain their good qualities farther South. 

All new Fruits of value as they appear are introduced, propagated 
as rapidly as possible, and sold at the lowest prices that such can be 
offered at. 

New Pears, Peaches, Grapes, Strawberries, &c., are yearly being 

I shall be most happy to select for my patrons, when such is their 
wish, the most desirable varieties of Fruit Trees for any soils, localities 
or latitudes. 

Packing is executed in a thorough and careful way, and by which 
they will go to the most distant parts of the United States or Europe 
with perfect safety; for which a charge is made sufficient to cover the 
expense. No charge is made for the delivery of goods in the city. 

Parties ordering should particularly state the route or conveyance 
they wish the goods forwarded by; omitting to do this, they will be 
forwarded by the best known route ; but I wish it to be understood, I 
assume no responsibility after they are delivered to the forwarders. 

I employ no agents or pedlers, and request all my patrons to send 
their orders direct to the Nurseries. 

Terms of payment, invariably cash. J O H ^ S A TJ L, 

Washington City, D. G. 

Plants, Vines, &c., by Mail. 

Small Trees, Vines, Plants, &c., sent safely by Mail. For forward- 
ing such, we charge sufficient to cover postage. 
I^^This Catalogue annuls prices in all former issues. 

Hints on Transplanting, &c. 

The many excellent treatises on Fruit tree culture, which have appeared 
within the last few years — one or more of which should be in the hands of every 
person intending to plant — renders it almost unnecessary to give any directions 
for plaguing, yet I am so frequently asked for advice in this way, that I have 
concluded to offer a few brief remarks. 

The situation of the orchard having been decided on, the ground should the 
season previous be prepared by manuring, and the cultivation of some green or 
vegetable crops, — Clover or field Peas ploughed under when green is excellent, so 
thai the ground may be in thorough good order, — it should be deeply ploughed 
and subsoiled. The holes should be dug three to four feet in diameter and 
eighteen inches in depth ; examine the roots carefully and all mutilated or 
bruised parts cut off; break the top soil down into the holes and the same with 
some well prepared compost, should be carefully worked in between every root, 
and fibre, tilling up every crevice, — that every root may be in contact with the 
the soil, making the whole quite firm. The tree, when planted, should stand 
about the same height as it stood in the Nursurv*, or a few inches higher, al- 
lowing for the settling down of the soil. It should also be securely staked to 
prevent rocking about, chafing, &c. 

The tops should be shortened more or less in proportion to size and variety 
of tree. 

Treatment of Trees received in Winter 
DURING Frost. 

The bundles or boxes of trees as received should be placed in a cellar or some 
place where the frost cannot penetrate, and remain there until a thaw takes 
place, and then be unpacked and planted ; with this treatment even if they are 
frozen through when received, they will not sustain the least injury. 

Distance between Trees in Orchards. 

Standard Apples, 30 feet apart each way. In poor soils 25 feet is sufi&cient. 
Standard Pears and Cherries, 18 to 20 feet apart each way, except Duke and 

Morello for which 15 feet is ample. 
Standard Plums, Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines, 15 to 18 feet apart each 

Quinces, 10 to 12 feet apart each way. 

Pyramidal Apples, Pears. Cherries and Plums, 10 feet apart each way. 
Dwarf Apples, (bushes) 8 feet apart. 
Currants and Gooseberries, 3 to 4 feet apart each way. 
Raspberries in rows, 5 feet apart, and 2 feet apart in the row. 

Number of Trees on an Acre at various distances. 

At 4 feet apart each way, 2,729 At 15 feet apart each way 200 

" 5 •' " 1,742 " 18 " " 135 

" 6 " " 1.200 " 20 " " 110 

" 8 " " 680 " 25 '* " 70 

" 10 '' " "430 " 30 " " 60 

" 12 <' " 325 




In the following list none will be found but well proved standard varieties. 

Much care has been taken in collecting and cultivating those varieties of Apple 

which are known to succeed well in the Middle and Southern States. 

Price — Standard trees for Orchards, 5 to 7 feet, 25 cents each, $12 per 100; 

6 to 8 feet, 25 cents each, $15 per 100. 

Dwarf trees on Paradise and Doucin stocks, 1 year from bud, 25 cents 

each, $2.50 per dozen. 
Dwarf trees on Paradise and Doucin stocks, 2 years, 30 cents each, 

$3 per dozen. ■ 
Dwarf trees on Paradise, extra size, extra price. 

First Class — Summer Apples. 

American Summer Pearmain, medium size, oblong, striped with motley red, 

tender subacid, highly flavored. July to August. 
Astrachan Red, large, roundish, deep crimson, overspread with a thick bloom, 

juicy, rich, acid. July. 
Benoni, medium size, roundish, oblong, deep red, flesh juicy, tender and rich. 

Bough, large, sweet, (Large Yellow Bough), large size, light yellow, tender 

sweet and juicy. July. 
Carolina Red June, size small or medium, dark r^d, flesh white, tender, sub- 
acid. June and July. 
Early Harvest, medium size to large, pale yellow, tender subacid, rich, fine 

flavored, ripens in succession, a superb apple. July. 
Early Ripe, large, yellowish white, flesh white, juicy, subacid. This large 

showy apple ripens immediately after Early Harvest. July. 
Early Russian The earliest apple. 
Edward's Early, large, shaded and striped red, flesh white, sub-acid ; a very 

superior, early apple. July. 
Early Strawberry, (Red Strawberry), size medium, covered with deep red, ten- 
der melting, with a mild fine flavor ; good bearer. July. 
Golden Sweeting, size large, yellow, a fair, very fine, sweet apple ; a profuse 

Horse, (Yellow Horse), large yellow, with a red cheek, rich, juicy subacid 

flavor ; a valuable southern apple. August. 
Maryland June, a very early Marj^and apple, ripens June 27th, of flrst quality, 

very productive, valuable for its earliness. 
Myers, size large, juicy, sweet and rich. July to August. 
Primate, (Rough and Ready), medium size, yellow, with a blush on the sunny 

side, tender, juicy, rich and fine ; an excellent bearer. July and August. 
Sops of Wine, size medium, oblong, deep crimson, flesh stained with red, juicy, 

subacid, very distinct ; a profuse bearer. August. 
Summer Hagloe, large roundish oblate, yellow ground striped with light red, 

flesh white, acid ; fine market apple. July and August. 
Summer Sweet Paradise, large roundish oblate, yellow ground striped with red, 

flesh tender, juicy and sweet. August. 


Summer Rose, medium size, roundish oblate, yellowish ground with a red 
cheek, tender, crisp, juicy, subacid; a good bearer. July. 

Summer Queen, large, conical, striped and shaded wnth red, rich and fine 
flavored. July. 

Tetofsky, medium, yellow striped with red, flesh white, acid; very hardy and 
early bearer, and productive. July. 

William's Favorite, large, oblong, dark red, rich and excellent ; bears abun- 
dantly. July and August. 

Class Second — Autumn Apples. 

Autumn Strawberry, (late Strawberry,) size medium, streaked with light and 
dark red, tender, juicy and fine ; productive, excellent. Sept. 

Beauty of Kent, very large, roundish, striped with red, flesh juicy, crisp, ten- 
der, subacid. Sept. and Oct. 

Baltzley, large, oblate, pale yellow, with a blush on sunny side, flesh tender, 
juicy sweet, an early and^ good bearer. Oct. 

Barton's Favorite. Xew Apple from Oregon, " size and shape of Rambo, deep 
blood red color; quality, first rate." Sept. and Oct. 

Duchess of Oldenburg, large, roundish, striped with red and yellow, tender, 
juicy and rich ; an early and abundant bearer. Sept. 

Fall Pippin, largest size, roundish oblong, yellow, flesh tender, rich and 
delicious ; a very popular variety. Oct. to Dec. 

Gravenstein, largest size, roundish, yellow, striped with light and deep red, 
tender, crisp and high flavored ; bears young and abundantly. Sept. and Oct. 


Gloucester "White, medium size, roundish, oblate, fine yellow, flesh yellow, 

juicy, rich, aromatic ; very productive. Oct. 
Hawthornden, a very beautiful Scotch apple, medium to large, pale yellow, 

with red cheek ; very productive; excellent for cooking. 
Harrison of Montgomery Co. Large, elongated conical, striped with bright 

red, tender, juicy, subacid; productive, very popular. Oct. 
Hoj^kins Red, large,"^ elongated conical, bright red striped, tender, juicy and 

rich ; very productive. Oct. 
Jersey Sweet, size medium, greenish yellow, striped with red, tender, juicy and 

sweet ; a profuse bearer, good for table and cooking. Sept. 
Maiden's Blush, large, flat, pale j-ellow with a red cheek, handsome, tender and 

pleasant ; good bearer. Sept. 
Munson Sweet, large, pale yellow,- witn a red cheek, tender, juicy and good; 

very productive. Nov. and Dec. 
Northern Sweeting, (Northern Golden Sweeting,) medium size, roundish 

conical, bright yellow, flesh white, tender, juicy, rich and excellent. 

Nov. and Dec. 


Parry's White, medium, pure white, very waxy appearance ; a remarkably 

handsome apple. Sept. 
Porter, size medium to large, oblong, yellow, flesh tender, and of excellent 

flavor. Sept. 
Pomme Royal, (Dyer,) large, roundish, pale yellow, tinged with brown next 

the sun, crisp, juicy and high flavored ; an excellent variety. Sept and Oct. 
Pumpkin Sweet, (Pumpkin Russet,) very large, round, yellowish russet; very 

sweet and rich. Oct. and Nov. 
Kambo, meaium size, streaked and mottled with red and yellow, very tender, 

juicy, mild, flavored and productive; a valuable variety. Oct. and Nov. 
Roberson's While, medium, oblong, flattened at both ends, green with dark 

dots, crisp, juicy, aromatic, subacid. Oct. to Dec. 
Sherwood's Favorite or Chenango Strawberry, large, oblong, striped red and 

yellow ; a beautiful apple and delicious flavor ; Tree, vigorous and pro- 
ductive. Sept. 
Smokehouse, vei-y large, roundish, yellow striped, good quality, and productive. 

Nov. and Dec. 
Spice Sweet, large, yellow, with a blush on cheek, tender, sweet and fine; an 

abundant bearer. Nov. and Dec. 
Vestal, large, round, greenish yellow, striped, juicy, sweet and rich. Sept. to Nov. 

Class Third — Winter Apples. 

Albemarle or Mountain Pippin, medium size, roundish, yellow with red cheek, 

juicy, crisp and tender. Nov. to May. 
Abram, below medium, yellow, shaded and splashed with red, flesh white, 

tender, subacid, a long keeper. Jan. to May. 
American Pippin, (Grindstone,) medium, roundish, dull red in patches and 

stripes, white, firm, juicy, with brisk acid flavor. Keeps till June. 
Baldwin, large, bright red, crisp, juicy and rich ; a celebrated Northern apple. 

Dec. to Mar. 
Bellflower, (Bellefleur,) large, yellow, slightly tinged with red, on the sunny 

side, flesh crisp, juicy, and aromatic flavor; productive. Nov. to April. 
Belmont, (Gate,) large, pale yellow, with bright blush, tender, rich and high 

flavored. Nov. to Feb. 
Ben Davis, large, roundish, yellow ground, splashed and marbled with bright 

red, tender, juicy, mild subacid, pleasant flavor winter and spring. 
Bonum, large, oblate, color light to dark red, flesh yellow, subacid, rich and 

delicious ; a good early winter apple. 
Brookes' Pippin, large, roundish, inclining to conical, greenish j'^ellow, with a 

faint blush, flesh crisp, juicy, aromatic; excellent. Nov. to Mar. 
Cannon Pearmain, medium, roundish conical, yellow striped and marbled with 

red, flesh yellowish, firm, with a rich pleasant vinous flavor. Dec. to June. 
CuUasago, large, yellowish, shaded and striped dark crimson, flesh yellow, 

tender, juicy, rich. Jan. to April. 
Danver's Winter Sweet, medium size, greenish yellow, with a brownish cheek, 

tender, rich, and sweet ; productive Nov. to Mar. 
Dominie, large, flat, greenish yellow with stripes and splashes of bright red in 

the sun ; tender, juicy, sprightly pleasant flavor ; good bearer. Dec. to Apr. 
.Dutch Mignonne, very large, orange yellow, with faint streaks of red, juicy, 

rich, fine flavor ; excellent bearer. Nov. to Mar. 
Equinetely, ( Buckingham,) large, red, dotted with small white dots, rich, juicy, 

and high flavored ; an excellent fruit. Nov. to Dec. 
Fallawater, very large globular, yellowish green shaded with dull red, tender, 

juicy, crisp, pleasant, subacid flavor. Nov. to Feb. 
Green Crank (Greenskin,) medium to large, oblate, greenish yellow, tender 

with a sweet, rich, vinous flavor. Nov. to Feb. 
Grimes' Golden Pippin, size medium to large, yellow of the highest flavor, very 

productive ; an excellent apple. 
Hall's Red, (Hall,) small, oblate, shaded with crimson, with various colored 

dots, flesh yellowish, juicy, with a very rich vinous, saccharine flavor. 

Dec. to April. 


Hollady's Seedling, medium, oblate, yellow, with a faint blush sprinkled with 

grey dots, tender, rich, aromatic. Nov. to Mar. 
King, (of Tompkin's Co.,) large, globular, yellowish, shaded with red. striped 

and splashed with crimson, tender, juicy, rich vinous flavor, aromatic. 

Dec. to Mar. 
Lady Apple (Pomme d'Api,) quite small, flat, pale yellow, with bright red 

cheek, flesh crisp, juicy and pleasant ; a very beautiful little dessert fruit 

Nov. to May. 


The Lady Apple. — [Pomme d'Api.) 

Large Striped Winter Pearmain, large, roundish, yellow, striped, splashed and 

shaded with crimson, flesh yellow, tender, juicy and crisp. Oct. to Jan. 
Limbertwig, large, roundish, oblate, greenish yellow, shaded and striped with 

dull crimson, tender, juicy, with a brisk subacid flavor ; a regular and good 

bearer. Jan. to Apr. 
Loudon Pippin, large, oblate, light yellow, sprinkled with greyish dots, flesh 

tender, juicy, rich subacid. Dec. to Jan. 
Mason's Stranger, medium size, yellow, dotted with russet, flesh white, juicy, 

crisp and sweet, keeps well into spring; a prolific bearer. Jan. to Mar. 
Melon, (Norton's), large, whitish yellow, shaded with bright crimson on the 

sunny side, flesh white, tender, juicy and rich; a good bearer. Oct. and 

Michael Henr}' Pippin, medium to large, dull green, when ripe pale yellow, 

flesh yeLow, tender, juicy, sweet; an abundant bearer. Dec. to Feb 
Milam, medium, roundish, greenish, shaded and striped with red, flesh firm, 

pleasant, subacid. Dec. to Mar. 
Monmr)uth Pippin, large, greenish yellow, with a fine red cheek, tender, juicy, 

rich; very productive. Apr. 
Mother, large, deep red on yellow ground, very tender, rich and high flavored. 

Nov. to Jan. 
Nansemond Beauty, a beautiful new apple from Nansemond Co., Ya., said to 

be superior to Wine Sap in size, beauty and keeping, it is uniform in size, 

and, will prove a tine market variety, from its very handsome appearance. 
Nickajack, ( Berry, Wall, «S:c.,) large, round, skin yellowish, shaded, striped and 

splashed with crimson, flesh yellow, tender, crisp, juicy and rich; prolific 

bearer. Nov. to Apr. 
Northern Spy, ver}^ large, striped, covered on the sunny side with deep crim- 

son,.'.and covered with a fine bloom, flesh juicy, rich, highly aromatic; a 

good keeper. Dec. to June. 


Newtown Pippin, Green, medium size, roundish, olive green, with a dull 

brownish blush, flesh greenish white, very juicy, crisp, with a fine aroma ; 

the most celebrated of all American apples. ]Nov. to June. 
Newtown Pippin, Yellow, medium size, roundish, yellow, with a lively red 

cheek, flesh firm, juicy, crisp, with a very rich and high flavor. Nov. to 

Ortley, (White Belleflower), large, oblong, smooth, pale yellow, occasionally 

flushed with crimson and red spots, flesh yellowish, juicy, tender, subacid. 

Nov. to Jan. 
Peck's Pleasant, large, roundish, skin smooth, green changing to yellow when 

ripe, blush on sunny side, flesh yellowish, crisp and juicy; high flavor. 

Jan. to Mar. 
Pilot, large, round, color yellow, striped with red and dotted and speckled with 

russet, flesh yellowish, crisp and juicy, with subacid flavor, a good bearer 

and keeps well ; a superb new apple. 
Paradise Winter Sweet, very large, yellow and red striped ; a profuse bearer ; 

beautiful. Dec. to March. 
Pryor's Red, (Big Hill,) medium, somewhat globular, greenish yellow, shaded 

with red, and striped with dark crimson, tender, juicy, subacid flavor; a 

valuable Southern fruit. Jan. to Mar. 
Rawles' Janet, (Rock Rimraon,) medium to large, yellow, striped with red, 

tender, juicy, crisp, vinous flavor; a profuse bearer; a good Southern 

apple. Feb. to June. 
Red Winter Pearmain, (Buncombe, Meigs,) medium, roundish oblong, yellowish 

white, shaded with maroon, flesh yellowish, rich, juicy, subacid and fine; 

a good bearer. Nov. to Feb. 
Rhode Island Greening, large, roundish, pale green, flesh yellow, tender, crisp, 

subacid juice ; a popular apple. Mar. to Apr. 
Rome Beauty, large, rouijdish, yellow, shaded and striped with bright red, 

flesh yellowish, tender, juicy, subacid. Oct. to Dec. 
Russet, American Golden, (or Bullock's Pippin,) medium size, dull russet, 

tinged with red on sunny side, flesh crisp, juicy and high flavored; good 

bearer. Nov. to Apr. 
Russet, Roxbury or Boston, medium to large, greenish, covered with russet, 

rough, flesh greenish white, moderately juicy, subacid flavor. Jan. to June. 
Saul's Seedling. Similar to Newtown Pippin, but larger, more tapering to 

blossom end — bright crimson cheek, flesh white, juicy, subacid; delicious. 

Nov. to Feb. 
Saul's Beauty, small to medium, white, with dark spots in the shade, blush 

cheek in the sun, flesh white, delicious, of the finest quality ; a vigorous 
\ grower, bearing in clusters Oct. to Feb. 
Smith's Cider, large, red and yellow, tender, juicy, crisp, subacid; handsome 

and very productive. Nov. to Feb. 
Spitzenburg Esopus, large, dark red, delicately coated with bloom, flesh yellow, 

crisp, rich, juicy, delicious ; an abundant bearer ; excellent. Dec. to Feb. 
Swaar, large, lemon yellow, with dark dots, flesh tender, rich, juicy; excellent. 

Nov. to May. 
Tolman's Sweeting, medium size, pale yellow, tinged with red, flesh firm, rich 

and very sweet. Nov. to April. 
Tewksbury Winter Blush, small, yellow, with a red cheek, flesh flrm, juicy 

and high flavor; long keeper. Jan. to July. 
Twenty-Ounce, a very large, showy, striped apple of medium flavor; an ex- 
cellent market fruit. 
Vandervere, size medium, yellow, striped with red, with deep crimson cheek, 

flesh yellow, juicy, crisp and fine Oct. to Mar. 
Wagner, size medium to large, bright red in the sun, flesh firm, subacid ; ex- 
cellent; very productive. Dec. to May. 
Wellford's Yellow, rather small, roundish, pale yellow, with faint red streaks, 

flesh yellow, very juicy, aromatic flavor. Jan. to June. 
Wine Apple, medium to large, nearly round, deep red on a yellow ground, 

flesh yellowish white, juicy, crisp ; an abundant bearer. Oct. to March. 
Wine Sap, large, roundish, deep red, with a few streams, flesh yellow, firm, 

crisp and rich ; a profuse bearer, and valuable in the South. Nov. to May. 


Whitescarver, largest size, oblong, greenish yellow, of first quality: good 

grower and bearer, superb. Oct. to Jan. 
"Winter Queen, large to very large, deep crimson in the sun, flesh yellowish, 

pleasant, subacid flavor ; a vigorous tree, bearing young and abundantly, 

resembles Buckingham. Nov. to Feb. 
York Imperial, large, oblate, whitish, shaded with crimson, flesh yellowish, 

crisp; fine flavor. March to April. 

Class Fourth — Cider Apples. 

Hewes' Virginia Crab, quite small, dull red, dotted with white specks, es- 
teemed for cider in Virginia and other Southern States; a jirodigious 
bearer. Nov. to June. 
^ Waugh's Crab, large, bright red, flesh firm, juicy, acid; in spring is an excel- 
lent eating apple. Jan. to June. 

/ Class Fifth— Apples for Ornament or Preserving. 

Golden Beauty, size medium, yellow with a red cheek. 
__ Red Siberian Crab, small, about an inch in diameter, yellow with crimson 

cheek. Sept. to Nov. 
^ Large Red Siberian Crab, larger than the above, similar in quality and ap- 
pearance. Sept. to Nov. 
— Tellow Siberian Crab, nearly as large as the last, of a rich amber or golden 

yellow color. 
" Hampton's Siberian Crab, fruit large for a Siberian Crab, deep rich crimson, 

blotched and lightly striped. 
^ Hyslop's Crab, one of the largest in this class, deep crimson, with bloom very 

T Tran.=cendent Crab, good size, bright red, very showy and handsome; very 

popular variety. 
' Cherry Crab, fruit small, light yellow spotted and shaded with red, hangs long. 
_ Currant Crab, fruit small, borne in clusters like currants, light red slightly 
striped with deep red. 

- Sweet Crab 

Malus Edulus, new, from Japan. 
— Floribunda, a beautiful Japatiese Crab, with lovely flowers, and verj* orna- 
mental small fruit. 

— Toringo Major, a Japanese Crab, with handsome flowers and medium sized fruit. 
Tenori Carnea, (Japanese,) large, flesh colored flowers, medium sized fruit, 

very handsome. 
^ Oblong Crab, dark crimson, beautiful. 

Marengo, large for this class, bright red on yellow ground. 
Chicago, small, with vernulion cheek ; juicy and rich, 
^ Paul's Imperial, a cro»s between Red Astrachan and Siberian Crab, (new.) 

Additional Varieties of Apples. 

I have here placed several new Southern varieties, together with many cele- 
brated Northern sorts, that have not been sufiiciently tested in this latitude, as 
well as others suited to certain localities. Doubtless many here included will 
yet be found worthy of a place on the select list. 

Summer Apples. 

Bohannan, Calville, red, Juneating White, 

Cathtad of Va., Cheese Summer, Family, 

Calville, white, Early Joe, Grimes' Early July, 



Hightop Sweet, 

Holland Pippin, 
Irish Peach, 

Keswick Codlin, Summer Bellefleur, of 

Lyman's Large Summ'r, N. Y. 

May Apples, Summer Bellefleur, of 

Potomac June, Pa. 

Eed June. 

AuTUMis^ Apples 




Autumn Bough, 


Kerry Pippin, 

Batchelor's Blush, 

Eliza's Favorite, 

Eed Bietigheimer; 

Blenheim Orange, 

Evening Party, 



Fail Jenneting, 

Superb White, 

Chenango Strawberry 

Fall Cheese, 

Spice Sweet, 

Carter's Blue, 

Gloria Mundi, 

Smoke House Sweet, 


Hawley, or Douse, 

Sweet Quaker or Pear 




Dropd'or, Cloth of Gold, 


Yopp's Favorite, 

WiNTEE Apples. 



Cornell's Fancy, 

Autumn Pearmain 


Belle de Lippi, (Belgian,) 


Winter American, 



Bailey's Sweet or Patter- 



son's Sweet, 

Carthouse or Roraanite, 


Bell Pree, 




Cornish Gilliflower, 


Duncannon of Pa., 



V ^ 

James Eiver, 




'^<v Kittageskee, 
^ k/^ Kaighn's Spitz- 
^^A enberg, 
^^^1 Lacker, 

French Pippin, ^ 

^^ "^ 

Gully, ^ 

Glebe Beauty, ^ 

^ /! 

Garden , . 


f. -SSs^ 

^^m I^^^i^'s Sweeting, 

Gladney, i 


f^^ Leathercoat, 

Hick's White, or r 


■';'■■ --/^ 

^^^ Lyman's Pump- 

Settle's Pippin, 1 


kin Sweet, 

Hoover, | 

X, ■'' ,s^H^ 


Holly, N 


Lor ton, 



'^~^i>\ ?^m 

Mann Apple, 



"^XfV "'^^'^ 



^ - 0^ 



REiJNiNEiTji i»u Canada. 

Mead's Keeper, 


Man gum. 

McAfee's Nonsuch, 

Eeinette Superfine, 



Eibstone Pippin, 

Terrill's Seedling, 


Eoyal Limbertwig, 

Tuscaloosa Seedling, 


Eed Canada, 



Eoman Stem, 

Via's Seedling, 

Never Fail of Va., Cart- 

Eusset Long Island, 


house or Komanite. 

Eobey's Seedling, 


Oconee Greening, 

Eussian, Collection of 

White Pippin, 






Wm. Daniel, 



Willow Twig, 

Pen nock, 

Seek No Further, (West- 

Winter Cheese, 

Eed Warrior, 


Winter Pearmain En- 

Pved Streak English, 

Spitzenberg, Newtown, 


Keinette du Canada, 



Keinette Hative, 





The number of varieties of this fruit, both of American and Foreign origin, 
has increased so rapidh' within the last few years, that it has become necessary 
to limit the kinds cultivated. The following list comprises such as have been 
well tested and proved, any of which the amateur may plant without risk of 

Those designated by an * are of American origin. 

Pkice — Dwarf Trees, on Quince 1 year old, 25 cts. each. $15 per 100. 

" «' " 2 and 3 years old, 30 cts. each, S20 per 100. 

" " " Extra sized trees, extra price. 

Standard Trees, on Pear 2 and 3 years old, 50 cts. each, $80 per 100. 
" " " Extra size, extra price. 

Class First — Select Summer Pears. 

Ananas d'Ete, a large handsome fruit; ripe about Sept. 

Bartlett, large, buttery, melting with a tender flesh : a very popular variety. 

Tree a vigorous grower, an early and profuse bearer. Aug. to Sept. 
Beurre GilFard, medium size, melting and very juicy, with a delicious flavor; 

one of the finest early Pears. July to Aug. 

Beurre Giffard. 

Beurre Assomption, large, oblong, pyriform, obtuse, yellow, dotted and marbled 

with red in the sun. Flesh white, melting, juicy, sweet; a fine new Pear. 

^Bloodgood, medium size, melting, buttery and rich ; an excellent American 

Pear of first quality; good grower and abundant bearer. July. 
*Brandywine, medium size, yellow and russet, melting, buttery*^ and rich, a 

vigorous grower, and productive. Aug. 
*Clapps Favorite, a new large Pear resembling the Bartlett; pale yellow 

with a crimson Cheek and brown dots ; very productive ; a promising new 

variety. Aug. 
^Dearborn's Seedling, below medium size, melting and delicious; an excellent 

early Pear. July to Aug. 
Doyenne d'Ete, below medium size, melting, sweet and delicious; a beautiful 

early fruit, a vigorous grower and profuse bearer. Beginning of July. 
*Edmunds, a large roundish fruit, pale yellow, flesh buttery and rich ; a' vig- 
orous grower and good bearer. Sept. 
Elizabeth, (Mannings,) medium size, bright yellow with a red cheek, juicy 

melting, sprightly, perfumed flavor. July. 



*Hosenschenck, large, bright yellow, flesh tender, juicy, melting. Last of 

*Kingsessing, (Leech's,) large, greenish yellow, rich, buttery and delicious; a 

vigorous, strong grower. Aug. 
*Kirtland, medium size, cinnamon russet, melting, sweet and juicy ; a vigorous 

grower and productive ; a seedling from Seckel. Aug. 
Madeleine, (Citron des Carmes,) medium size, yellowish green, juicy, melting, 

sweet, perfumed flavor ; one of the finest early Pears ; a vigorous grower 

and productive. July. 

(1.) Beukre d'Assomption. 

Clapp's Favorite. 

*Ott's Seedling, small to medium size, yellow, melting, juicy and fine; a seed- 
ling from Seckel ; a vigorous grower and free bearer. Aug. 

*Osband's Summer, medium size, bright yellow, juicy, melting, sugary and 
fine; good grower and productive. Beginning of August. 

*Pinneo, (Bo^ton,) medium size, yellow, with a red cheek, juicy, sweet and 
pleasant ; a vigorous grower and productive. Aug. 



Rostiezer, medium size, yellowish green, juicy, sweet and high flavored; a 

vigorous grower. Aug. 
Sam Brown, a new Maryland Seedling of the finest quality ; fruit above medium, 

very delicious, vigorous grower and free bearer. Early in Sept. 
Souvenir du Congress, fruit very large, resembling the Bartlett, skin smooth, 

yellow at maturity, washed with bright carmine on the sunny side. Flesh 

like the Bartlett, but less musky. The finest Pear of recent introduction. 

*Tyson, above medium size, deep yellow with a crimson cheek, juicy, melting, 

very sugary and aromatic ; a vigorous grower, an excellent summer Pear. 

*TVashington, moderate size, pale yellow, delicious flavor. Sept. 

Class Second — Select Autumn Pears. 

Baronne de Mello, medium size, russety, melting, juicy and high flavored ; a 

vigorous grower ; productive. Sept. and Oct. 
*Bufl:um, medium size, deep yellow, suffused with bright red; flesh buttery, 

juicy, sweet and excellent; tree a very vigorous grower. Sept. 
Beurre Bosc, large, russety, very distinct and fine ; melting, juicy, high flavored 

and delicious ; a free grower and good bearer. Sept. 
Beurre Diel, largest size, lemon yellow, half melting, buttery and delicious; a 

vigorous grower and profuse bearer ; excellent. Sept to Oct. 
Beurre Clairgeau, very large pyriform, yellow and dull red ; melting, juicy and 

high flavored ; a vigorous, robust grower, and early and good bearer. 

Oct. to Nov. 

Beurre Diel. 

Beurre Clairgeau. 

Beurre Hardy, large, flesh buttery, melting, juicy, brisk and vinous; a vigor- 
ous grower and profuse bearer. Oct. 

Beurre Superfin, large size, yellow, shaded with crimson; flesh exceedingly 
juicy, buttery, melting, subacid flavor ; very fine. Sept. and Oct. 

Beurre de Waterloo. (Fondante des Charneuse ; Due de Brabant; Desire Van 
Mons, &c.,) large, greenish, sh.ided with crimson ; very juicy, buttery, 
molting, vinous fiavor ;, vigorous and productive Oct. and Nov. 

Belle Lucrative, (Fondante d'Automne, ) large, yellow, melting, juicy and 
delicious; an early and abundant bearer; excellent. Sept. 

Bonne d'Ezee, (or Brockworth Park,) large, oblong, pyriform, color yellowish 
green, with russet patches and dots, flesh white, juicy, melting, rich, very 
good ; a very valuable and handsome Pear. Sept to Oct. 



Conseiller de la Cour, (Marechal de ]a Cour or Ducd'Orleans,) large, yellowish, 
suffused with russet ; flesh buttery, juicy, melting ; vigorous and produc- 
tive. Oct. 

*Dana's Hovey, fruit small, but of finest quality, good keeper. Nov. 

Bonne d'Ezee, 


Brockworth Park. 

Consp:iller de la Cour. 

Ducbesse d'Angouleme, fruit of the largest size, yellow ; flesh buttery, juicy, 

rich and excellent; the finest of all large pears; succeeds admirably on 

quince. Sept. 
Doyenne du Comice, large, yellow, with crimson and fawn cheek, and russet 

dots; melting, rich, perfumed and luscious; a remarkably fine Pear, 

deserves extensive cultivation. Sept. to Oct. 
Doyenne Boussock, large size, deep yellow ; flesh buttery, juicy, melting, sweet 

and excellent ; very productive. Sept. 

Duchesse d'Angouleme. 

DoYENiME Boussock. 

Doyenne Gray, large, pale yellow, covered with cinnamon russet ; flesh very 

butterv. melting, rich and delicious. Sept. 
Doyenne White, large, clear pale yellow'; flesh very buttery, melting, rich and 

delicious ; tree hardy, a vigorous grower and good bearer. Sept. 



Emile d'Heyst, large pyramidal, orange yellow, russet ; very productive. 

Oct. to Xov. 
Edmund's, very large, lemon yellow, fine flavor, vigorous and productive. 
Flemish Beauty, very large, pale yellow with reddish brown cheek ; flesh juicy, 

melting, very saccharine and rich ; tree vigorous, and profuse bearer ; 

excellent. Sept. and Oct. 

Doyenne White. 

Flemish Bea.uty. 

Fondante de Malines, medium, pyriform. lemon yellow with a tinge of crimson 

and fawn in the sun ; flesh white, juicy, melting and sweet ; very good. 

Sept. and Oct. 
*Fulton, medium size, covered with dark cinnamon russet ; flesh buttery, juicy, 

agreeable flavor ; tree very hardy, an early and profuse bearer. Oct. 
^General Taylor, medium, skin cinnamon russet ; flesh buttery, melting, flavor 

as high as the Seckel. Oct. 
Henry the lY, medium size, pale greenish yellow ; flesh juic}', melting, with a 

rich delicious flavor ; a robust grower and profuse bearer. Sept 
*Heathcut, medium size, pale greenish yellow ; flesh buttery, melting, juicy ; 

hardy and productive. Sept. 
*Howell, large, light waxen yellow ; flesh melting, sweet and rich ; a vigorous 

grower and profuse bearer; one of the best native pears. Sept. and Oct. 
*Kiefier's Hybrid, said to be a hybrid between Chinese Sand Pear and Bartlett ; 

a vigorous grower and "blight proof" ; fruit large, turbinate yellow; 

qualit}^ good ; ripe end of September ; a great bearer. 
Louise Bonne de Jersey, large, yellow with a dark red cheek, juicy, melting, 

buttery, and excellent flavor ; a very vigorous, erect grower, and profuse 

bearer ; one of the finest pears. Sept. 
*Onondaga, (Swan's Orange), very large, yellow dotted with russet ; flesh but- 
tery, melting, high flavored ; tree hardy, vigorous and productive. Oct. 
^Oswego Beurre, medium size, fine yellow ; fiesh buttery, juicy, melting, 

vinous flavor ; hardy and good bearpr. Oct. to Dec. 
Paradise 'd'Automne, large, yellow mottled with cinnamon russet ; flesh juicy, 

melting, rich and high flavored ; a good bearer. Oct. 
Paul Ambre, medium to large, pale greenish yellow, mottled with crimson ; 

flesh white, juicy, buttery and melting ; vigorous and productive. Oct. 
■^Pratt, large, lemon yellow ; juicy, sweet and good ; tree a free grower, and 

prolific. Sept. 
*Seckel, small size, yellowish brown with a red cheek ; flesh buttery, juicy, 

melting, with a rich aroma ; the richest and most exquisite flavored pear 

known ; tree a stout, erect grower, a regular and abundant bearer. Sept. 
*Sheldon, large, round, russet and red; flesh juicy, melting and delicious; a 

vigorous grower, and productive. Oct 
St. Ghislain, medium size, pale yellow ; flesh buttery, juicy and rich : tree a 

verv rapid, U[)right grower, and prolific. Aug. to Sept. 
St. Michael Archange, farge, yellow and red; flesh melting, juicy and rich; 

tree a stout, erect grower. Oct. 




Steven's Genesee, large, roundish, yellow; flesh melting, huttery an( 

vigorous grower and abundant bearer. Sept. and Oct. 
Souvenir d'Esperen, fruit large, pyriform, greenish yellow covered with russet; 

flesh yellowish, juicy, vinous; tree vigorous, hardy and productive, retaining 

its foliage well ; one of the best. Oct. to Nov. 
Urbaniste, large size, pale yellow ; flesh buttery, melting, rich and delicious 

tree a compact, handsome grower. Oct. 

Kieffer's Hybrid. (Reduced.) 

Louise Bonne de Jersey. 

Class Third — Select Winter Pears. 

Beurre Easter, large size, yellow with a red cheek; flesh juicy, melting and 
rich ; a vigorous grower and profuse bearer ; the best keeping table pear. 

Beurre Gris d'Hiver Nouveau, large, golden russet; flesh juicy, buttery and 
melting ; a good bearer. Jan. to Feb. 

Beurre Easter. 

Beurre d'Anjou. 

Beurre d'Anjou, (Ne Plus Meuris,) large, greenish, shaded with dull crimson; 
melting, juicy, fine vinous flavor ; vigorous and productive, one of the 



Beurre Langelier, large, greenish yellow, with red cheek, melting, juicy and 

fine ; a free grower and early bearer. Nov to Dec. 
*Co]urnbia, large, fine golden yellow ; flesh melting, juicy, sweet flavor; tree a 

free grower and abundant bearer. Dec. and Jan. 
Doyenne d'Hivei- d'Alencon, or Nouveau, medium, yellow, shaded with crim- 
son ; flesh buttery, juicy, very rich and sprightly ; a good bearer. Dec. to 

Doyenne Sieulle, medium size, greenish yellow; flesh butterj-, juicy, with a 
" rich vinous flavor; tree a vigorous grower and profuse bearer. Dec. to Jan. 
Duchesse de Bordeaux, medium, green, changing to yellow, with ru.sset lines 

and dots, flesh white, tender and sweet. Dec. to Feb 
Glout Morceau, large, greenish yellow ; flesh buttery, melting and rich ; tree 

vigorous, forming a beautiful pyramid on quince. Dec 
Josephine de Malines, medium size, yellowish; flesh buttery, juicy and rich ; a 

very delicious fruit ; tree vigorous and productive, Oct. to Dec. 

Lawrence, medium, fine lemon yellow ; flesh buttery, with rich aromatic 
flavor ; unsurpassed among winter pears; growth moderate ; an early and 
abundant bearer. Nov to Dec. 

*Mt. Vernon, medium to large, roundish obtuse, pyriform, light russet on 
yellow ground, red in the sun, flesh yellowish, juicy, vinous ; tree a vigor- 
ous grower and early bearer. Nov. to Dec. 

Uvedale's >t. Germain, ( Pound,) enormously large, yellow, with a red cheek ; 
tree very vigorous, and an abundant bearer. May. 

Vicar of Winktield, or Le Cure, very large, oblong, pale yellow ; flesh juicy, 
sometimes buttery, with sprightly flavor; tree exceedingly vigorous and 
productive. Nov. to Jan. 

Winter Nelis, medium size, yellowish green ; flesh buttery, juicy, melting and 
sprightly flavor ; a straggling grower, htirdy and productive. Nov. to Jan. 

]N"ew Pears. 

(Not Yet Tested.) 

Those designated by an * are of American origin. 
Price 50 cents each ; S'5 pe?- doz. 

Auguste Mignard, large, oblong, brownish green ; flesh fine, melting, juicy, 

sugary and perfumed. Oct. to Dec. 
Abbe Fetel, vigorous and productive ; fruit very large and very long, bright 

red, flesh fine, melting, very juicy and sugary. Oct. to Nov 
Agricola, medium size, turbinate, yellow, flesh fine, melting and perfumed ; 

very vigorous and a great bearer. Sept. 
Alexandre Mas, fruit large, shaped like a Bartlett, first rate flavor, vigorous 

grower. Feb to March, 
Auguste Droche, vigorous and a great bearer, above medium size, color yellow, 

mottled earth brown, flesh melting and fine flavor, excellent. Jan. to Mar. 
Armand Morel, shape and size of Winter St. Germain, juicy, melting, a great 

bearer. Mar. and Apr. 


Anne de Bretagne, medium to large, very fine, skin yellow colored with red, 

melting, slightly vinovis. ISov to Jan. 
Andre Desportes, a line new summer fruit. 

Angelique Cuvier, fruit medium, first j ate flavor, tree vigorous and very pro- 
ductive. Sept. and Cct. 
Belle Anna, very good and fine. Dec. 
Barillet Deschamps, medium size, a very delicious first class fruit, an abundant 

bearer. Feb. to Apr. 
Bergamotte de Rouen, medium to large, vigorous and a good bearer, recom- 
mended by the Eoaen Hort. Society. Apr. to June. 
Beurre Baltet Pere, fruit large, turbinate ; clear yellow, with a red cheek on the 

side to the sun ; flesh very fine, juicy, delicately perfumed ; a first rate sort, 

ripening in Oct. to Nov. 
Beurre Lade, large, Quince shaped, clear yellow, with a red cheek to the sun; 

melting, juicy and perfumed; very good. Oct., Dec. 
Beurre Houge. 
Beurre de Caen. 
Belle de Beaufort, a very large fruit, of a symmetrical form and beautiful color, 

fine quality' ; vigorous and good bearer. Oct. to Nov. 
Belle d'Ecully, fruit very large, 6 in. long and 12 in. in circumference, flesh fine, • 

very melting, sugary and vinous ; very productive. Aug and Sept. 
Belle de Abres, very large, nearly half-a-pound in weight, of fine form, rose 

colored, flesh fine and very good. Unsurpassed for cooking. Mar. to June. 
Belle de Juillet. " Very good, very fine and very early." July. 
Bergamotte de Monthuel, fine fruit of Doyenne shape. Keeps till end of 

Bergamotte Sannier, fruit medium, conical with a fine and delicious aroma. 

Keeps till May. 
Bergamotte de Rouen, vigorous and good bearer, large size, good quality. 

Apr. to June. 
Bergamotte Tardive Collette. "The quality of specimens of this fruit which 

were exhibited at the Rouen Horticultural Society on May 17th, were ac- 
knowledged by the Committee to he the finest of the season." Mar. to May. 
Beurre Alexander Lucas, This is a large fine Pear, of the shape of Duchess or 

Beurre Diel, half melting, very sugary, juicy and vinous. It may be 

ranked as best of its sea.«on. Jan. and- Feb. 
Beurre Amande, fruit medium, skin clear yellow and transparent; flesh very 

melting and deliciously perfumed ; vigorous and productive. IS^ov. 
Beurre Henri Courcelles. " Medium, of a russety green; flesh very melting 

and excellent," with a perfume of its own which makes it one of the very 

best Pears known. Winter and Spring. 
Bijou, medium, oblong, clear yellow with a red cheek next the sun, nearly 

transparent when ripe, delicately melting and perfumed ; very beautiful 

appearance. Aug. and Sept. 
Blanchet Claude, small to medium. Doyenne shaped ; flesh half fine, briskly 

flavored ; ripening a week before Madeline and Superior. 
Bon Chretien Antoine Lormier, very large, clear yellow ; flesh fine, perfumed, 

half melting ; very vigorous. Jan. and Feb. 
Bon Chretien Francois Prevel, a very good Pear ; vigorous and productive. 

Jan. to Apr. 
Bon Chretien Prevost, raised from the Easter Beurre, a very first rate fruit; 

the tree is a good bearer, hardy and vigorous. Dec. to Feb. 
Bonne du Puits Ansault, a delicious fruit. Sept. 
Bronzee Boisselot, an autumn fruit of medium size, and superior quality, very 

pi-oductive and vigorous. 
British Queen, (Powell), fruit large, obovate, skin smooth, covered with a thin 

coat of cinnamon russet, rosy crimson in the sun ; flesh yellowish, buttery, 

melting, rich, sugary. Oct to Nov. 
Bicolor d'Hiver, medium to large, yellow clouded with red ; an excellent fruit ; 

vio:orous and productive. Mar. and Apr. 
Caleba-se Boisbunel, large, oblong, first quality ; very vigorous. Feb. to Mar. 
Calixte Mignot, vigorous and productive; fruit large, pyriform, greenish yel- 
low mottled with brown, melting, juicy, excellent. Oct. to Nov. 


Charles Delatin, turbinate, clear yellow, spotted with russet dots ; flesh melting 

and sugary ; first rate. Nov, 
Chaumontel d'Ete, or Summer Chaumontel, large and very large, green spotted 

wiih a dull red cheek next the sun ; flesh half fine, melting, sugary and 

juicy, with a delicate perfume Aug. 
Cerate de Chambord. medium, Doyenne shape, skin very thin, clear yellow 

with brown spots and a blush next the sun ; flesh very fine, melting, vinous 

and aromatic. Sept. 
Corate Lelieur, fruit large, having something of the appearance of a Flemish 

Beauty, with which it can well sustain the comparison as to quality ; ex- 
cellent, very vigorous Sept. and Oct. 
Courtre Queue d'Hiver, very large, round, first quality. 
*Claudeau, medium size, first quality, skin covered with russet. Sept. 
Docteur Delafosse, medium to large, of excellent quality ; vigorous and pro- 
ductive. Sept. and Oct. 
Docteur Jules Guyot, fruit large, clear yellow; flesh fine, melting; first rate. 

Doyenne Perrault, melting; first rate. The raiser, M. Perrault, says that his 

Doyenne is superior to his Beurre Perrault or Duchesse de Bordeaux. 

Apr. and MaJ^ 
*Dr. Eeeder, fruit small to medium, skin yellow netted with russet ; flesh juicy, 

melting, butterj', excellent; a seedling from Winter Nelis. Nov. 
Daimyo, (Japanese,) very large. Oct. and Nov 
Doyenne Bizet, vigorous ; great bearer ; fruit large and of good quality. 

Mar. to June. 
Docteur Benit, a very distinct and excellent Pear of the Passe Colmar race. 

Due de Morney, a very large and fine Pear. Jan. to Feb. 
Duchesse Bronzee, a variety of Duchesse d'Angouleme, which is entirely with 

a deep russet color, 
Duchesse d'Angouleme Pitmaston, a very large English Pear. Sept. 
Duchesse Precocee, a very large handsome fruit, melting, juicy and delicious. 

Aug. and Sept. 
Eugene Appert, fruit medium, flesh melting, sweet, delicious. Oct. 
4 Fertility, large fruit, finely colored, of excellent quality, a great bearer. 
Fortunee Boisselot, a large and very fine Pear which ripens in March and 

Fondante de Biporel, size small, ripens in July. 
Fondante de Nantes, siz(3 and appearance of Beurre Clairgeau, flesh finer and 

better quality. 
Fondante des Emmurees, medium, turbinate, clear yellow, flesh yellow, melting, 

aromatic. End of Sept. 
Frederick Clapp, medium to large, skin smooth, bright yellow, flesh whitish 

yellow, fine, very juicy, melting and rich, a valuable fruit. Oct. 
Henry de Bourbon, a first rate new Pear. 

Henry Decaisne, a very fine and good sort, raised by M. Decaisne. Sept. and Oct. 
Jacques Mollet. 

Jules d' Airolles, a late and very fine Pear. 
Josephine du Binche, medium size, sub-globular, russety yellow; flesh firm, 

melting and juicy, with an exquisite aroma. 
Louis Noisette. 
Louis Cappe, large size and quality of Easter Beurre, from which it has been 

raised, very vigorous. Nov. to Dec. 
Louis Bonne Sannier, as tine and as good as Louise Bonne of Jersey but ripens 

in Jan. and Feb 
Lucy Grieve, fruit largo, yellow with a red blush, flesh white, tender, melting, 

juicy and rich, an excellent Pear. Oct. 
Le (Jointe, a variety of Chinese Sand Pear, very highly recommended in the 

Madame Letavernier, a first quality Pear, vigorous and a good bearer. 
Madame Antoine Lormier, fruit large, flesh sugary and richly flavored. Nov. 
Madame Arsene Sannier, fruit very large, flesh very melting, sugary flavored, 



Madame Elisa, fruit large, skin smooth, of a fine lemon color, marked white, 

buttery and melting, very rich, juicy, sugary and vinous; a sort of great 

excellence, ripening in Oct. and Nov. 
Madame Hutin, flesh yellow, melting, sugary and perfumed, a very late keeper. 

Marie JaJlais, fruit medium, variable in shape, flesh half fine, melting, juicy, 

well sugared, with a rich piquant flavor ; very good. Oct., Dec. 
Marie Marguerite, medium size, yellow with a fine scarlet cheek, melting, and 

of good quality ; ripening end of July. - 
Monsieur Herbelin, a variety of Bartlett, more sugary and no musky flavor. 
Melanie Michelin. 
Mademoiselle Blanche Sannier, fruit large, regular and conical in shape, flesh 

fine, melting, perfumed, aromatic, very vigorous. Oct. 
Mademoiselle Solanges, the earliest of all Pears 
Mikado, (Japanese,) fruit medium, round, flat, brown russety color, flesh half 

melting Sept. 
Madame Andre Leroy, fruit large, melting, juicy and sprightly ; a fine large 

fruit. Nov. 
Madame Baptiste Desporte, fruit medium to large, flesh fine, melting, juicy. 

Madame Bonnefond, large, light green, turning lemon yellow when ripe, spotted 

with brown dots, flesh white, half fine, melting, very juicy. 
Mathilde de Rochefort, medium size, yellow with brown patches, melting, juicy, 

and sugary. Dec. 
Madame Lye Baltet, a fruit of large size and very finest quality. Ripe Dec. 

to Jan. 
Nouvelle Fulvie, a large and very excellent sort. Jan. r 


Plantagenet, first quality. Sept. to Oct. 

Passe Colmar Monstre. 

Paul Ambre, resembling Beurre ofAnjou^ vigorous and a good bearer. 

President Le Sant, medium size, Bergamot shape ; skin smooth, dotted with 

small brown spots ; flesh fine, melting and juicy, sugary and very delicately 

perfumed. Oct. and Nov. 
President M as, large or very large ; form and color of Beurre Bachelier ; first 

rate. Dec. and Jan. 
President Pouyer Quertier, a first rate fruit ; tree vigorous and productive. 

Dec. to Jan. 
President Deboultiville. 
President Boncenne, medium, pyriform, skin greenish yellow with a red cheek; 

flesh white, half fine, melting, very juicy, perfumed, sugary with an 

almond flavor ; very vigorous. Sept. 


President Couprie, very large, and very melting. Sept. to Dec. 
President Delacour, medium size, resembling Passe Colmar ; flesh extra fine, 
melting, sugary, perfumed, aromatic ;. vigorous and productive; an ex- 
cellent variety. Oct. to Nov. 
President d'Estaiiitot, vigorous, and of extraordinary productiveness, bearing 

its fruit in clusters ; first quality. 
President Drouard, fruit very large, of first quality and a great bearer ; very 

vigorous and productive. Mar. to May. 
Professeur Delavillc, medium to large, conical ; flesh very fine, melting and 
perfumed; vigorous and productive; an excellent variety. Nov. to 
Prudhomme, resembles Louise Bonne of Jersey ; more vinous and better 
flavored ; vigorous and productive ; qualified as excellent by the Pomo- 
logical iSociety of France. Sept. to Dec. 
Pour de Voyageur. 
Petite Marguerite, small to medium ; flesh melting, juicy, vinous ; vigorous 

and productive. Aug. 
President Barabe, vigorous and productive ; fruit medium ; flesh melting, fine 

and sugary. Jan. to Mar. 
Professeur Beaucantin, medium size, excellent quality. Nov. to Dec. 
Prince Waldemare, fruit large, pyriform, skin greenish white, melting, juicy 

and perfumed ; very good Oct. to Dec. 
Eeine des Verges, large and fine, similar to Doyenne Boussock ; tree very 

hardy, bears an immense quantity of fruit. 
Koi Christian, fruit large, yellow covered with russet ; flesh melting, juicy and 

Eeine de Tardives, medium, good. May and June. 

Kayniond de Montlaur, very fine fruit, of a beautiful appearance, first rate 
quality ; this variety much resembles Beurre Clairgeau, but is of better 
quality, and the tree is more vigorous. Sept. to Oct. 
Saint Louis, or Keine des Poires, this sort is among the Pears what the English 

Golden Pearmain is among the Apples ; very productive. 
*Sarah, (Clapp,) medium, pale yellow, juicy and melting. Oct. 
Senateur Prefet, medium pyriform, flesh fine, melting, juicy, sugar}'', vinous and 

melting; remarkable for its long keeping. Mar. to May. 
Soeur Gregoire, medium size, very good, exceedingly prolific. Dec. to Jan 
Souvenir de Leroux Durand, very large, oblong, clear yellow, with golden 
ru;sety specks, flesh fine, very melting, perfumed and very sugary ; first 
quality, vigorous and productive. Oct. to Nov. 
Souvenir de la Salle, medium size, shape of Bon Chretien, flesh melting, sugary, 

very good. Oct. to Nov, 
Souvenir de Rouen, fruit medium, very first rate, very vigorous and prolific. 

Nov. to Dec. 
Souvenir Sannier, medium, deep yellow, striped with red, exquisite flavor, a 

very fine fruit. Oct. 
Soucree Troyenne, very vigorous and a good bearer, fruit large, color green 

spotted, flesh fine, buttery, juicy, sugar}', an excellent Pear. Oct. 
■^Springfield, medium, fine quality, good bearer Sept. 
*Stockett, very large, round, deep yellow, first quality, very productive; an 

excellent Maryland Pear End of Aug. 
Therese, fruit large turbinate, yellow, flesh very melting, of excellent quality, 
rich with a high and delicate aroma; it surpasses any other autumn Pear. 
Sept. and Oct. 
Therese Appert, fruit large, melting, juicy, fine vinous Pear. Oct. 
Triomphe de Vienne, fruit very large and of good quality, one of the largest 

Pears known. Middle of Aug. 
Vice-President Decaye, medium size, flesh extra fine, juicy, sugary, perfumed. 

Sept. to Oct. 
Vice-Pre.-^ident Delbec, vigorous, a great bearer, above medium, flesh very fine, 

melting, fine aroma. Jan. 
Winter Jonah, large, obovate, rough brownish skin, excellent flavor. Oct. 
to Feb. 



Zoe, a very fine fruit 6 inches high by 3 inches large ; "fruit large, long ; flesh 
fine, melting, sugary ; color deep green with brown specks and a red 
cheek; an excellent Pear." Dec. to Feb. 

Marquise d'Hemm. 

Additional List of Peaes. 

In this class are many new varieties of great promise, several of which, after 
a more lengthened trial, will find a place in the select list, whilst many older 
sorts are adapted for particular localities. 

Summer Pears. 


*Canandaigua, Catherine 

Peach Pear, 

Eeine des Precoces, 

AuTUM N Pears 

^America, (Dana), 
*Augu?ta, (Dana), 
*Excelsior, (Dana), 

Arch Duke Charles, 
Belle Williams, 

Eeurre Bachelier, 
Beurre d'Amanlis, 
Beurre Kobin of Lange- 

Comte de Lamy, 

Des Nones, 

De Tongres, 

Delices d'Hardenpont of 

Delices d'Hardenpont of 


Doyenne Dillen, 
Doyenne Eobin, 
Duchess d'Orleans, 

*Knight's Seedling from 

Laure de Glymes, 

Marie Louise, 



M elon de Nancy, 


Nouveau Poiteau, 



Be"urre d'Amanlis. 

NouvEAtr Poiteau. 

Beurre Golden of Bil- 

Bergamotte Cadette, 


Colmar d'Automne Nou- 

Colmar Van Mons, 

Duchess d'Angouleme 

Pen ache, 
Forelle or Trout, 
Gen'l i'otleben, 
Jalouse de Fontenay 




Pio 9th, 


■* Richard, 

St. Marc, 

Sucree de Montlucon, 



Serruriar or Fondante de Triomphe de Jodoigne, * Walker, 
Millot, Van Assche, ^Williamson. 

Triomphe de. Jodoigxe. 

WiNT ER Pears 

Beurre B-^'rckman'?, 
Beurre Bretonneau, 

Fondante de Noel or St. Germain, 

Belle Apres Noel. St. Germain, (Prince's, 

Beurre Bretoxneau. 


Bersjaraotte d'Esperen, Doyenne Goubalt, 
Catillac, (for Stewing,) Pleading, 

Susette de Bavay, 
Japan Pear, a vigorous 
variety from Japan. 


This desirable new fruit has been introduced into England from Japan ; it is 
allied to the Japan Quince. The fruit is thi^ size of a moderate Quince of a 
bright apricot-color, and makes a rich marmalade. The flowers which are pro- 
duced in great profusion are of a most brilliant orange-scarlet color. It is one 
of the most beautiful flowering trees of recent introduction, as well as a valuable 
fruit. Small plants 50 cts. to $1 each. 



The Cherry likes a light, dry, gravelly soil, on which few other fruit trees 
would succeed. Standard trees are admirably adapted for shade in gardens or 
yards, where, at all stages of growth, they are exceedingly beautiful. Dwarf 
trees, branched from the ground, are the most suitable for the fruit garden. 

Price — Standard trees (on Mazzard Stocks,) 25 to 50 cts. each. 
Dwarf trees (on Mahaleb Stocks,) 25 to 40 cts. each. 

Class First — Heart Cherries. 

Varieties marked with an * are of American origin. 

Belle d'Orleans, large, pale red and white, flesh tender, sweet and delicious ; the 

best early cherry. Beginning of June. 
Black Eagle, large size, black, flesh tender, juicy, rich and sweet; an abundant 

bearer. End of June. 
Black Tartarian, very large, sweet, rich and good, a beautiful grower and pro- 
fuse bearer; one of the finest cherries. Middle of June. 
*Coe's Transparent, medium size, pale amber, melting, tender and juicy ; 

vigorous and productive ; an excellent cherrv. Middle of June. 
*Delicate, (Kirtland,) large, amber and red, juicy, sweet and rich. Middle of 

*Downer's Late Red, medium to large, lively red mottled with amber in the 

shade, tender, melting and sweet; a free grower and profuse bearer. July. 
Early Lyons, very large, light red and yellow ; the largest early cherry ; ripens 

after Early Purple Guigne; juicy and rich ; a beautiful cherry. 
Early Purple Guigne, medium size, purple, tender, juicy, with a rich, sweet 

flavor ; a vigorous grower and good bearer. End of May. 
Early "White Heart, medium size, yellowish with red cheek; tender, sweet and 

pleasant. Middle of June. 
Early Strassen, medium size, light red, juicy, very tender and rich; a very 

good and distinct early cherry. 
*Gov. Wood, large size, light yellow, shaded with bright red ; flesh juicy, sweet, 

rich and delicious ; a vigorous grower, and very prolific. Middle of June. 
Guigne Tres Precoce. rather small, round, stalk short, dark purple, very sweet 

and one of the earliest of all, if not the earliest ; a great bearer. 
Knight's Early Black, large, black, flesh tender, juicy, rich and excellent; tree 

a good grower and profuse bearer ; ripe after Earl}' Purple Guigne. 
*Ohio Beauty, (Kirtland,) large, light ground shaded with red, handsome, ten- 
der and fine; vigo.rous and productive. Beginning of June. 
*Sparhawk's Honey, medium size, light red , juicy, sweet and delicious ; tree 

viijorous grower and profuse bearer. Beginning of June. 
White French Guigne, large, creamy white, flesh tendel", juicy and melting; 

tree vigorous and productive. End of June. 
Werder's Early Black, large, juicy, sweet and good; an excellent early cherry. 

Class Second — Bigarreau Cherries. 

Bigarreau Noir Hatif, (Early Black Bi'^arreau), medium size, jet black ; sweet, 
rich and good; good gr<^wer, and productive. Beginning of June. 

Bigarreau or Yellow Spanish, large, pale yellow with a red cheek ; flesh firm, 
juicy and delicious ; a beautiful light cherry ; a vigorous grower and pro- 
fuse bearer. Middle of June. 

Bigarreau Jaboulay, large, light red, remarkably rich and delicious ; the 
earliest Bigarreau known, 14 days before May JDuke. 



Bigarreau White, (Ox Heart), largest size, yellowish white marbled with red ; 

flesh half Umder and luscious. Beginning of June 
Buttner's Yellow, medium size, pale yellow ;, flesh juicy, sweet and good; a 

vigorous grower and profuse bearer. End of June. 
■'^Black Hawk, (Kirtland), large black ; flesh firm, juicy, rich and sweet; tree 

vigorous and productive. Beginning of June. 
Early Black Bigarreau, large black, rich and good ; better than Knight's ; a 

valuable new cherry. 
^Cleveland Bigarreau, (Kirtland), large, yellow with bright red ; flesh juicy, 

sweet and rich ; a very vigorous grower and productive. Middle of June. 
Elton, (Bigarreau Couleur de Chair), large, pale j'ellow with a marbled red 

cheek; flesh tender, juicy and luscious; tree vigorous and productive; a 

superb cherry. Beginning of June 
Frogniore Early Bigarreau, a new early cherry, the earliest of its class ; bril- 
liant red cheek dotted M'ith yellow ; tender, juicy and rich flavor. 
Monstreuse de Mezel, or Great Bigarreau. ver\' large, dark brown ; flesh firm 

and juicy ; tree a free grower and productive. End of June 
Large Black Bigarreau, very large, black ; flesh firm, juicy and rich; one of 

the finest. 

Louis Philippe. {Reduced.) 

Napoleon Bigarreau, (Holland Bigarreau), largest size, pale yellow with a 
bright red cheek ; firm, juicy and sweet ; tree very vigorous, and 
great bearer ; a very beautiful cherry. Middle of June. 

*Rockp()rt Bigarreau, (Kirtland;, large, pale amber with light red cheek ; flesh 
half tender, sweet and rich ; tree exceedingly vigorous and fine. Begin- 
ning of June 

Tradescant's Black Heart, (Elkhorn), very large, black, firm, juicy and good ; 
tree very vigorous and productive. End of June. 

Class Third — Duke and Morello Cherries. 

le de Choisey, medium size, amber shaded and mottled with red ; flesh ten- 
der; sweet and rich ; a handsome grower. Beginning of June. 


Belle Magniflque, large, bright red ; flesh juicy, tender, subacid flavor ; tree 
moderate grower and productive '; a beautiful and excellent late cherry. 
End of June. 

Carnation, large, light red, tender, juicy, subacid flavor ; tree a free grower 
and abundant bearer. Beginning of July. 

Donna Maria, medium size, dark red, tender, juicy and rich; tree of moderate 
size, very productive. End of June. 

Early Richmond or Montmorency, medium size, bright red; flesh melting, 
juicy, rich, acid flavor ; excellent for cooking. Beginning of June. 

Empress Eugenie, a new variety of May Duke from France ; much larger, 
earlier, and comes into bearing sooner; ripens in this latitude the end of 
May ; the finest of all early cherries. 

Late Duke, large, rich, dark red; flesh tender, juicy, subacid; forms a beau- 
tiful dwarf. Beginning of July. 

May Duke, large, dark red ; flesh juicy, rich, subacid, excellent ; a very pop- 
ular cherry in all countries ; excellent. End of May. 

Montmorency Bretonneau, a large acid cherry ; ripens after Early Richmond ; 

Montmorency Ordinaire, a fine large acid cherry, larger than Early Richmond, 
and later ; a very productive, hardy, valuable variety. 

Morello English, (Iniperial), large, dark red nearly black; flesh tender, juicy, 
subacid, tree small with slender branches. July. 

Plumstone Morello, large, dark red; flesh tender, juicy, sprightly flavor; tree 
a slow grower, makes a handsome pyramid ; productive ; very valuable. 

Keine Hortense, (Monstreuse dp Bavay), large, bright red ; flesh tender, juicy, 
swf^et and delicious ; tree vigorous and prolific ; an excellent new cherry. 
End of June. 

Royal Duke, large, dark red; very juicy and agreeable; tree a good grower, 
and prolific ; succeeds May Duke. 

Vail's August Duke, large bright rf-d ; flesh tender, subacid, rich ; tree a vigo- 
rous grower and very productive. End of June. 

'New Cheeeies. 

Price 50 cents each. 

Bohemian Black Bigarreau, very large, black, rich and good; a fine cherry. 
Early Lamaurie, (Big,) large dark purple, like Early Purple Guigne, but a 

week earlier, rich and excellent; the earliest cherry. 
Duchesse de Pallnau, large, a robust growing variety of May Duke of excellent 

Early Kivers, (Big,) large, black, early and rich ; a seedling from Early Purple 

Golden Bigarreau, very large, bright yellow, juicy and very good. 
Ludwig's Bigarreau, large, pale red, rich and very good. 
*Luelling or Black Republican, very large, black, flesh like a Bigarreau, said 

to be a cross between Black Tartarian and Napoleon Big ; a very fine new 

Nouvelle Royal, a hybrid between Kentish and May Duke ; the latest and 

largest of all, the Duke cherries. » 

Olivet. This is a large globular very shining deep red cherry. The flesh is 

red, with a rose colored juice, tender, rich and vinous with a very sweet 

subacidulous flavor. It ripens early in June and continues a cpnsiderable 

time v/ithout losing its quality. It possesses the fertility of the best of the 

Duke tribe, and is perhaps the largest of that class. 
Planchoury, ( Morello,) medium size, a very excellent and free bearing sort, and 

one of the latest. 
Eeine Hative, (new) 
Transparente de Meylan, (new.) 


(From Journal of Horticulture ) 


This noble Cherry was introduced into England by Mr. Rivers under the name 
of Bigarroau Noir de Schmidt, who has not been able to trace its history beyond 
the Societe Yan Mons, of Belgium, from which he received it. It is by far the 
largest of all the Black Bigarreau Cherries. 

As will be seen from our engraving, the fruit is produced in clusters, and is of a 
large size, round and somewhat oblate. The skin is of a deep blnck color, and 
there is a large style mark on the apex. The stalk is stout, 2 inches long, and 
rather deeply inserted ; flesh, dark, tender, and very juicy, with a line flavor. The 
stone is very small for the size of the fruit. 



Additional List of Cherries. 

^American Amber, 
*Anierican Heart, 
Belle Ag:athe, 
*Bowyer's Early Heart. 
Bigarreau Large Black 

of Savoy, 
Bigarreau Gros Couret, 
*Bigarreau Late, 
De Spa, 
Black Heart, 

^Champagne, (Down- 

Down ton, 

Guigne Tres Precoce, 

*Kirtland's Mary, 
Late Purple Guigne, 

Jeffries' Duke, 
*Manning'!; Mottled, 
^Mammoth, (Kirtland' 
*Pontuic, (Kirtland's), 
Red Jacket, 
River's Early Amber, 
Sweet Montmorency, 
The Doctor, 
Utah Hybrid, 


This is a very valuable and useful fruit, both for dessert and culinary pur- 
poses. In some soils it suffers severely from the attacks of the curculio. 
Injury from this pest may be avoided by a comparatively small amount of 
attention. As soon as the fruit commences setting, the trees should be jarred 
daily, and the insect destroyed. Pursue this until all danger of injury is past, 
and good crops will follow. 

Price — One year old, 25 cents each ; two and three years, 50 cents each. 

Those designated by an * are of American origin. 

Admiral de Rigney, medium, ovate, greenish yellow, flesh very juicy, very 
sugary and highly perfumed : an excellent plum. Aug. and Sept. 

Belle de Louvain, a large and beautiful plum, purplish red, flesh yellow ; fine 
for preserves. 

Bel voir, large, roundish, yellow, flesh j^ellow, very juicy, sugary and very 
good Aug. and Sept. 

*Bleeker's Gage, medium to large, roundish, oval, yellow, flesh juicy and rich; 
tree a good grower and prolific. Beginning of Aug. 

Bradshaw, (Large Black Imperial), very large, dark violet red, juicy and ex- 
cellent ; tree vigorous and productive. 

Brignai's White Gage, fruit lar^e, of first quality ; a vigorous grower. 

Cloth of Gold, ^Esperen), medium size, oval, bright yellow, juicy and agree- 
able ; free stone. Beginning of Aug. 

Coe's Golden Drop, large, oval, light yellow, flesh firm, rich and sweet ; a very 
handsome and valuable plum. Beginning of Sept. 

Coe's Golden Drop. 

Coe's Late Red, medium size, round, purplish red, juicy and agreeable ; free 

stone. End of Sept. 
Coe's Violet, this possesses all the fine qualities of Coe's Golden Drop; the color 

of fruit a fine violet. 


♦Columbia, large, roundish purple, flesh juicy, rich and good, free stone ; tree 

vigorous, and an abundant bearer. Sept. 
*Dennison's Superb, large, round, yellowish green, flesh juicy, rich and good, 

free stone ; tree a free grower hnd prolific Beginning of Aug. 
Diamond, enormously large, oval, purple ; unfit to eat uncooked, but one of the 

finest culinary plums known ; vigorous and productive. End of Aug. 
♦Duane's Purple, very large, oval, reddish purple, flesh juicy and sweet; tree 

vigorous and prolific. End of Aug. 
Decaisne, round, slighih' oblong, green, flesh very juicy, sugary and rich; a 

very large variety. Sept. to Oct 
Dumiron, a fine cooking plum ; exceedingly productive 
Early Bavay, greenish yellow, tinged with purple, flesh yellow, juicj- and sweet. 

Fellemberg, (Quetsche d'ltalie,) medium size, oval, deep purple; a valuable 

late plum; re;-?/ productive. End of Aug. 

Fellemberg, (Quetsche d'Italie.) 

Fulton, fruit large, roundish oval, whitish yellow, marbled in the sun, flesh 

golden yellow, juicy, sugary, vinous, excellent. Early Oct. 
^General Hand, very large, yellow, handsome ; tree a free grower and very 

prolific. End of Aug. 
German Prune, medium, oval, bluish purple, juicy and rich; vigorous and 

productive. Sept. 
Goundoin, very large, oblong, transparent violet color, fine flavor; a first rate 

sort. End of July. 
Golden Gage, (Lawson's,) large, oval, yellow, flesh juicy, melting and rich; 

tree vigorous and productive. July. 
Goliath, (Caledonia or Nectarine,) very large, roundish, purple, flesh juicy, with 

a sprightly flavor ; tree very vigorous and productive. Middle of Aug. 
Green Gage, medium, round, green, juicy and very rich ; a rather slow grower. 

End of July. 
*Hulings Superb, very large, round, yellowish green, rich, juicy and excellent, 

free stone ; tree a free grower and prolific. Beginning of Aug. 
Imperatrice, Ickworth, medium size, roundish oval, purple, rich, juicy and 

excellent ; a good keeper. Sept. 
*Imperial Gage, large, oval, greenish, flesh juicy, rich and excellent, free stone ; 

a remarkably free grower and productive. Beginning of Aug 
♦Jefferson, large, oval, yellow spotted with red, juicy, rich and delicious ; very 

productive. Beginning of Aug. 
Kirke's, large, roundish oval, purple, rich, juicy and excellent. Beginning of 

Lafayette, large, oval, purple with a dense bloom, rich, juicy and excellent. 

♦Lawrence's Favorite, large, roundish, yellowish green, juicy, rich and delicious, 

very prolific. Beginning of Aug. 
♦Lombard, medium size, ovaT, violet red, flesh juicy, rich and good ; an abun- 
dant bearer. Middle of Aug. « 
Magnum Bonum Yellow, very large, oval, yellow, excellent for cooking; tree 

vigorous and productive. Middle of Aug. 
Magnum Bonum lied, large, oval, violet red, an excellent cooking plum ; tree 

vigorous and prolific. Middle of Aug. 


Mamelone, medium size, greenish yellow, rich, juicy and excellent; shape very 
peculiar, with a neck like a pear; tree vigorous and prolific. End of July. 

^McLaughlin, large, round, greenish yellow, flesh juicy, sweet and luscious ; 
vigorous and productive. Middle of Aug. 

^Grange, very large, oval, bronze yellow, flesh acid; tree vigorous and pro- 
ductive. Aug. 

*Orleans, Smith's, very large, oval, reddish purple, flesh firm, juicy and rich ; 
tree a free grower, and productive. Aug. 

Pond's Seedling or Fonthill, enormously large, oval, bright red, valuable for 
cooking ; a very attractive fruit ; tree very vigorous, and an abundant 
bearer. Sept. 

*Purple Favorite, medium size, purple, flesh juicy, melting and good. Be- 
ginning of Sept. 

Prince Englebert, very large and long, deep purple ; rich and excellent. Aug. 

Keine Claude de Bavay, (Esperen). very large, round, greenish yellow, rich 
and juicy ; tree vigorous and prolific ; a beautiful new plum. "Sept. 

Shropshire Damson, medium size, dark purple ; the finest of Damsons. 

Sultan, (new), larye, round, deep purple, and of excellent flavor, vigorous, 
and very prolific. Aug. 

Transparent Gage, large, roundish, oval, greenish yellow marbled with red, 
flesh transparent, rich, juicy, and of high excellence ; the richest of plums ; 
very robust and vigorous. Sept. 

Victoria, (Sharp's Emperor), very large, oval, red, sweet and juicy ; an ex- 
cellent cooking plum ; tree vigorous and productive. Sept. 

^Washington, very large, roundish, oval, yellow, juicy, sweet and excellent ; 
tree very vigorous and prolific ; one of the finest plums. Beginning of Aug. 

Wangenheim, medium size, dark blue, oval, first quality ; a ve'ry superior plum. 

*Yellow Gage, (Prince's), large, oval, yellow, juicy, rich and good; tree very 
vigorous, and a profuse bearer. Beginning of Aug. 

Additional Varieties of Plums. 

Some of the following are new and untested ; others are adapted for certain 

Bryanstone Gage, Lucombe's Nonsuch, Keagle's Ancient City, 

Belle de Septerabre, Mirabolle, Keagle's Gage, 

De Montfort, Mitchcdson's, Keagle's Union Purple, 

Fotheringham or Belgian Oullin's Golden Gage, Koyal de Tours, 

Purple, Peach or Prune Peche, Keine Claude Brauneau, 

Fine Late Ked, Peter's Yellow Gage, Kichland Plum, 

Frost Gage, Prune de Agen or Kobe St. Catharine, 

Jaune Hative, de Sergent, St. Martin's Prune, 

Guthrie's Apricot, Precoce de Bergthold, Schenectady Catherine, 

Italian Prune, Quackenboss, Woolaston Black Gage. 
July Green Gage, 

JN'ative Varieties. 

"Wild Goose, a variety of our native Chickasaw Plum, fruit about the size of 
Green Gage, skin purple with a blue bloom, flesh yellow, rather firm, 
sweet ; succeeds admirably in this latitude, bearing abundant crops, on 
quite young trees ; not liable to the attacks of of the curculio ; a variety 
of great value. July. 

Bassett's American, curculio proof, a rapid vigorous" grower and profuse bearer, 
" fruit small, deep crimson with a heavy white bloom, sweet, rich and re- 
freshing ; skin thick, and until cooked somewhat tough, (which protects it 

f» com.pletely from the attacks of the curculio), but entirely free from any 
astringency or unpleasant taste; ripens end of September, and can be 
shipped any distance." 

Yosemite. a productive variety, curculio proof, and bears an annual crop. 

De Caraduc, medium, yellow, nearly covered with red, melting and sweet ; 
vigorous grower, productive. 



This valuable fruit succeeds as well in this region as in any part of the Union. 

Price — 25 to 35 cents each. 
Alsace, very large, rich and juicy, of the Moorpark family, the largest of that 

race, tree robust. 
Blenheim or Shipley, medium size, juicy and excellent, ripens about ten days 

after Moorpark ; tree very hardy. 
Breda, small, round, orange, marked with red in the sun, juicy, rich and 

vinous; tree hardy and productive. Middle of July. 
Blanchet. (new,) large, ovate, deep oranee red, flesh fine, melting, perfumed; 

very tine, good, and very early. End of June. 
Earlv Golden, (Dubois.) small, pale orange, flesh juicy and sweet; tree very 

hardy and prolific. Beginning of July. 
Gloire de Pourtales, (new,) medium, fine shape, fine color, very juicy and 

excellent; tree vigorous and a good bearer. July. 
Golden Drop, (Kiver's,) new, small, bright orange and crimson, melting, with 

a delicious flavor ; tree vigorous and prolific. Beginnirg of July. 
Hermskirke. large, rich and juicy, very nearly allied to the Moorpark ; tree 

more hardy. 
Jamucett large and fine ; late in ripening, very vigorous. 
Kaisha medium size, juicy, sweet and agreeable, flesh transparent, early orange 

with a red cheek. 
Large Early, large, orange with a red cheek, flesh juicy, sweet and rich; tree 

vigorous and prolific. Middle of July. 
Moorpark, largest size, yellow with a red cheek, juicy, rich and excellent ; one 

of the best ; very productive. 
Musch Mu>ch, smalf, juicy and agreeable, flesh transparent; a very nice early 

Orange, medium size, orange with a red cheek ; tree hardy and productive. 

Middle of July. 
OuUin's Early Peach, large, juicy, rich and excellent ; very early and fine. 
Peach or Grosse Peche, very large, rich, juicy and excellent; one of the finest 

Pine Apple, (Ananas of the Dutch,) a variety of the Large Early ; a very large 

and distinct variety, rich and juicy. 
Precoce de Montplai.sir, large, deep orange with russet spots, flesh red, very- 
good. The earliest of all the large apricots; very valuable. 
Royal, large, rich and juicy an excellent hardy sort. ^Middle of August. 
Schiraz, (new,) a very fine apricot. 
Syrian, (new.) very rich and fine. 
St. Ambroise, large, juicy and agreeable; ripens a few days after the Large 

Early, and is one of the apricots. 
Tardive d'Orleans. large, juicy and good. Beginning of August. 
Viard. large, rich, juicy and excellent ; an early variety of the peach apricot; 

tree hardy. 


This very delicious fruit is extremely liable to the attacks of the curculio. 
It is nothing more than a variety of peach with smooth skin. 

Price— 25 cents each, 

Balgowan, fruit very large, pale green, mottled with red, bright red on sunny 

side, melting, rich and fine Beginning of August. 
Boston, large, bright yellow, with a red cheek, flesh sweet and rich, freestone. 

End of Sept, 


Clermont, medium size, pale green with a dark red cheek, melting, sweet and 

good. Beginning of Aug. 
Downton, large, greenish white with a red cheek, melting, rich and good; tree 

hardy and productive, excellent, freestone. 
Downton, large, white with a red cheek, very high flavored. 
Elruge, medium size, greenish yellow, with a dark red cheek, melting, rich, 

juicy and excellent ; one of the best. 
Hardwicke Seedling, large, pale green with a red cheek, melting, rich and 

excellent ; tree hardy and productive. 
Lord Napier, (Kivers,) medium, pale cream with a red cheek, flesh melting. 
Murray, medium size, melting, rich and good ; tree hardy. 
Pitmaston Orange, large, orange with a bright red cheek, melting, juicy and 

good ; very prolific. 
Stanwick, large, deep yellow with a dark red cheek, melting, juicy and rich ; 

a superb variety. 
Templars, medium, white with bright red cheek, delicious. 
Violette Hative, medium size, melting, juicy, rich and excellent. 
Victoria, very large and delicious, greenish yellow, crimson on the sunny side; 

a seedling from Stanwick, very fine. 


Peaches succeed to perfection in this region. Here "yellows" and other 
diseases from which they suffer in Northern States are unknown. The pits from 
which they are raised, and the stock from which they are budded are alike of 
pristine vigor ; a point planters should bear in mind. 

Price — 25 cents each, $10 per 100. 

Class First — Freestones with White Flesh. 

Amsden June, good size, color red, flesh juicy and melting, ; three weeks earlier 

than Hale's Early, and ripe with Alexander's Early ; July 4th. 
Amelia, very large white, covered crimson, juicy, melting and sweet, and of 

high flavor ; one of the finest second early peaches ; ripens in Washington 

Aug. 10. 
Brigg's Ked May, a new Californian peach of fair size and bright red color ; 

said to be one of the earliest grown. 
Bilyeu's Late October, (Bilyeu's Comet,) a very late peach, two to three weeks 

later than Smock and Salway, large size, white flesh with a beautiful blush 

cheek ; freestone and an excellent shipper, it having been successfully sent 

to Europe ; tree vigorous grower and very productive. Beginning of Oct. 
Bower's Early, a seedling from Frederick, Md., medium size, first quality, deep 

crimson all over, adheres slightly to the stone. Will likely prove one of 

our earliest and best peaches ; ripe July 10. 
Cumberland, a new early peach, said to be the largest and earliest of all the 

new varieties. 
Crockett's Late White, very large, late, oblong, skin greenish white, red in the 

sun ; a tine late variety. End of Sept. 
Early Beatrice, medium size, marbled, red cheek, flesh melting and very juicy, 

carries well, ripens two weeks before Hale's Early ; the earliest peach 

Early Canada, (High's), medium size, bright red with a dark red cheek, flne 

flavor ; recommended as one of the earliest peaches. 
Bftrly Louise, medium size, bright red, melting, very juicy and excellent; 

nearly as early as Early Beatrice ; the very finest of early peaches. Eipe 

July "l 2th, 
Early Kivers, large, color pale straw, with a delicate pink cheek, flesh melting, 

with a rich, racy flavor ; an excellent early peach. 


Early Newington Free, medium to large, white with a red cheek, high fla- 
vored ; ripen's immediately after Early York. 

Early Red Troth's, medium size, bright red cheek, flesh red at the stone, juicy, 
sweet and good. End of July. 

Early Tillotson, medium to large, white nearly covered "with red, fle'sh melting, 
juicy, rich and excellent. Early in Aug. 

Early York, (Serrate Early York), medium to large, greenish white, covered 
in the ?un with purplish red ; juicy, rich and excellent. Beginning Aug. 

Early Alexander, medium size, rithly colored and delicious flavor, three weeks 
earlier than Hale's Early ; the earliest of all peaches. Ripe July 4th. 

Engle's Downing, (Cling), this is said to be the earliest of all peaches, ripe 
before Wilder and Saunders; first quality and finely colored. Ripe 
July 4th. 

Engle's Saunders, (Cling), a few days afier Downing and two weeks in advance 
of Hale's ; first quality and finely colored. Ripe July 10th. 

Engle's Wilder, (Cling), this is larger than Downing and Saunders, a little 
later, ten days earlier than Hale's ; first quality and finely colored. Ripe 
July 4th. 

Fleitas or Yellow St. John, medium to large, roundish, inclined to oblong, 
skin creamy white, with a slight blush, flesh white, tinged with red next 
the stone ; juicy, melting, sweet, rich and excellent Aug. 12th. 

Fox's Seedling, round, white with a red cheek, melting, juicy, sweet and good. 
Middle of Sept. 

George the Fourth, large, white with a red cheek, flesh pale, juicy and deli- 
cious; tree vigorous and prolific ; an excellent peach. Middle of Aug. 

Governor Garland, from Arkansas, recommended as the earliest of peaches, 
large, bright rosy cheek ; delicious flavor. 

Gray, Rare Ripe, a very large fruit with a red cheek, ripe about the end of Sep- 
tember ; a beautiful fruit. 

Grosse Mignonne, large, greenish yellow mottled with red, with purplish red 
cheek, flesh melting, juicy and rich ; tree vigorous and prolific. Middle 
of A us:. •. 

Hale's Early, medium size, nearly round, skin greenish white, covered and 
mottled with red, juicy, rich and sweet ; early and good 

Heath Free, largest size, greenish white with purplish red cheek, melting, 
juicy, subacid flavor ; tree very vigorous and productive Middle of Sept. 

Honeywell's Early, fruit medium, nearly globular, greenish white nearly 
covered with light and dark red, flesh wnitish, juicy, half me'ting, sweet, 
rich, vinous ; aaheres partly to the stone ; one of the earliest new 

Hynes Surprise. 

Jarrett's Late White, an immense late peach. "It is nine inches in circum- 
ference, nearly round, greenish white with cream on sunny side, flesh 
white, juicy, rich, slightly acid; ripens with Smocks or a little later; one 
of the finest peaches." 

Keyport Late White, large, slight blush on cheek, white flesh ; great bearer ; 
fine for canning, ripens with Smocks. 

Lord Palmerston, a magnificent, large, very late peach, has been grown 12^ 
inches in circumferencie and weighed 17 ounces. It is one of Mr. Rivers' 
Seedlings. Fruit very large, of a rather pale color, having a little red on 
the sunny sides, flesh firm and richly flavored. 

Large Early York, large, white with a red cheek, flesh juicy and delicious; 
tree vigorous and a profuse bearer, an excellent variety. Middle ot Aug. 

La Grange, large, greenish white, slightly reddened in the sun, flesh pale, juicy, 
rich and sweet ; a very desirable late peach. Beirinning of Oct 

Morris White, medium size, creamy white, tinged with red in the sun ; flesh 
juicy and delicious ; tree a good grower and prolific ; excellent for preserv- 
ing. Beginning of Sept. 

Moore's Favorite, larger, but similar in appearance to Old Mixon, a few days 
earlier ; one of the very finest peaches of its season. End of Aug. 

Mountain Rose, larger and superior to Troth's and ripens with that favorite 
variety ; very popular. 

Musser, one of the new early peaches. 


{From Gardener^s Chronicle.) 



Old Mixon Freestone, large, greenish white with a red cheek, flesh pale, juicy 
and rich ; tree vigorous and prolific; an excellent variety. End of Aug. 

Rareripe, Late Red, large, greyish yellow, with a dull deep red cheek, flesh 
juicy, melting and rich; tree vigorous and productive; a beautiful and 
valuable peach Beginning of Sept. 

Shipley's Late Red, large size,. -white flesh with a beautiful blush ; one of the 
most beautiful and valuable of our late peaches ; tree vigorous and produc- 
tive. Beginning of Oct. 

Silver Medal, large, white ripening with Smocks ; tree hardy and a great 
bearer ; a very desirable late peach. 

Snow Peach, (Kolb,) white wood, white bloom, white fruit, good size; the 
finest for canning. Middle of Sept. 

Steadly, very large, fine flavored and very late peach, color greenish white. 
"Larger than La Grange or Heath Cling and ten days later." • 

Stump the World, very large, creamy white with a bright red cheek, juicy 
and high flavored ; very productive. Middle of Sept. 

Thurber. ''Fruit large to very large often measuring ten inches in circum- 
ference, round or slightly oblong, creamy white, marbled with carmine, 
flesh white, juicy, sweet and exquisite." End of Sept. 

Tuckahoe Late, very large, white, freestone peach, said to be two weeks later 
than Smocks. 

Ward's Late Free, large, white with a beautiful crimson cheek, flesh juicy, 
melting, rich and excellent ; tree vigorous and productive. Beginning of 

Waterloo, a new early peach from Western New York, recommended for its 
earliness and large size. 

William's Large Free. 

Class Second — Feeestones with Yellow Flesh. 

Beer's Smock, large, yellow, very fine, a seedling from Smock's ; very pro- 
ductive, a very valuable variety. End of Sept. and 1st of Oct. 

Brandywine. " A seedling of Crawford's late, and valuable for its large size, 
fine appearance, good quality, lateness and market value. Fruit larger 
than its parent and ripens ten days later ; tree a strong grower and pro- 

Christiana. " Very large, yellow with a fine blush similar to Reeve's Favorite, 
ripens just before Smocks." A fine variety. 

Conklin, golden yellow, marbled with crimson, large and handsome ; ripens 
after Crawford's Early. 

Crawford's Early Melocoton, very large, oblong, yellow with a fine red cheek, 
flesh melting, sweet, rich and very excellent ; tree vigorous and very pro- 
ductive, a splendid and excellent early yellow peach. Middle of Aug. 

Crawford's Late Melocoton, very large, skin yellow^ with a fine dark red cheek, 
flesh melting, sweet, rich and excellent ; tree vigorous and very fruitful; 
a magnificent peach. Middle of Sept. 

Foster, very large, round, fully as large as Crawford's Early and superior in 
flavor; ripens a few days before Crawford's Early. 

Geary's Hold On, a very late peach, weighing from twelve to sixteen ounces ; 
ripening after Smock and of fine quality. 

Hance's Golden Rareripe. 

Barker's Seedling, fruit large, roundish, mostly covered with red, flesh sweet 
and juicy. Beginning of Sept. 

Leatherbury's Late. ''A fine, large, late peach, ripening after smock and 
Salway ; measures from eight to eight and a half inches in circumference, 
and are of a palish yellow color, tinged with a rich scarlet over the largest 
portion of the peach ; exceedingly juicy and rich." 

Mary's Choice, a magnificent large yellow peach, larger than Crawford's Late ; 
an extra fine variety. Middle of Sept. 

Nanticoke, very large, yellow with a deep red cheek, hardy and productive, 
ripens a week after Smocks. 


Kichmond, large size, skin fine yellow, mottled and shaded with dark red, fine 

quality, ripeps a few days after Crawford's Early. 
Ked Cheek Melocoton, large, yellow with a red cheek, flesh juicy, melting, rich 

and vinous; tree hardy and very prolific. Middle of Sept. 
Reeves' Favorite, large oval, yellow with a fine red cheek, flesh juicy, melting 

and vinous; tree hardy and productive. Beginning of Sept. 
Salway, large, yellow with a brownish red cheek, very productive, ripens just 

after Smock's; a fine late peach. 
Smock's Free, large, orange yellow, mottled with red, flesh moderately juicy 

and rich ; tree vigorous and prolific End of Sept. and beginning of Oct. 
Susquehanna, very large, rich yellow with a beautiful red cheek, flesh juicy, 

sweet, rich and vinous; tree very vigorous and productive; a magnificent 

large yellow peach. Beginning of Sept. 
"tellow Rareripe, large, orange yellow with rich red cheek, flesh juicy, melting, 

rich and excellent. Middle of Aug. 

Class Third — Clingstones. 

Chinese Cling, large, globular, creamy white, marbled with red, flesh juicy, 

melting, rich and vinous ; tree vigorous and productive. Beginning of 

Heath Cling, very large, creamy white, with a faint tinge of red in the sun; 

flesh very tender, juicy, melting, rich and luscious; a superb cling peach. 

Beginning of Oct. 
Large White Cling, large, round, skin white, dotted with red on sunny side, 

flesh juicy, melting, sweet and rich ; tree very hardy, vigorous and prolific. 

End of Sept. 
Lemon Cling, large, fine yellow, with a dark brownish red cheek, flesh firm, 

vinous, subacid flavor; tree hardy and productive. Middle of Sept, 
Levy's Late Oct . a very large late peach which originated in this city. The 

Potomac Fruit Growers' Society have recommended it as the finest of all 

yellow peaches. 
Magnum Bonum, a magnificent large p<^ach, originated in Virginia; tree 

vigorous and prolific. The largest of all clings, 
Newington Cling, medium to large, with a bright red cheek, rich flower. End 

of Aug. 
Old Mixon Cling, large, yellowish white with a bright red cheek, flesh juicy, 

melting, rich and luscious ; tree vigorous and prolific ; very handsome, one 

of the best clings. Beginning of Sept. 
Stonewall Jackson, large, nearly white or creamy yellow, most delicious flavor. 

Ripe end of Aug. 
Wilkins' or Kinggold Mammoth Cling, very large with a beautiful blush, ripens 

with Heath but nearly double the size ; a superb cling peach. 

New Foreign Peaches. 

The following new varieties have been raised hy T. Rivers, England. The 
descriptions are his ; many will undoubtedly be of great value in our climate ; 
all are of first quality. 

Albatross, a very large peach from "Princess of Wales," rich and good. 

Middle of Sept. 
Alexandra Noblesse, very large. This fine peach is a true Noblesse in its fruit, 

and was raised from that sort; flesh melting, rich and excellent, 
Canary, medium size, very delicious ; ripe beginning of Aug. 
Condor, a large peach from " Early Silver," color bright crimson, flavor 

piquant and rich. Early in Sept. 
Comet, large, round, orange with a crimson cheek, melting, sweet and good; 

ripens early in October, a week or so before its parent the" Salway peach. 


Crimson Galande, medium size, often large, deep crimson, melting, rich and 

deliciously flavored ; a freestone of the most hardy and vigorous habit. 

Middle of Aug. 
Dagmar, large, melting and rich, skin very downy and of a deep crimson; 

very handsome. Early in Aug. 
Dr. Hogg, large, firm, yet melting, often stained with red under the skin, flavor 

rich and sugary ; a freestone, hard}', vigorous and most prolific. Beginning 

of Aug. 
Early Albert, large, nearly oval, melting and excellent; succeeds Early York, 
Earlv Alfred, above medium size, melting, rich and juicy ; a most delicious 

early peach. Beginning of Aug. 
Early Silver, very large, melting and rich, with a vinous flavor. Ripe 

iDeginning of Aug. 
Early Leopofd. medium size, pale yellow and red ; very rich and excellent. 

Ripe beginning of Aug. 
Early Victoria, a seedling from Early York, larger, earlier and hardier, pale 

in color; very delicious; ripens with Hale's 
Falcon, a large peach from the " White Nectarine," pale in color, with a 

piquant flavor. Middle of Aug. 
Golden Eagle, from a late seedling peach, from " Crawford's Late," it is rather 

lemon color than golden, is of a rich piquant flavor, very large, measuring 

10 inches round, from potted tree ; it ripens the first week in Oct. 
Goshawk, a very large peach from "Cooledge's Favorite," color pale, flavor 

exquisite; early in Sept. This is the finest mid-season peach known. 
Lady Palmerston, large, melting and very good, skin greenish yellow, marbled 

with crimson, very handsome, flesh pale yellow. This fine peach ripens 

the end of Sept. 
Lord Palmerston. See Class 1st. 

Magdala, size medium, coJor creamy white, marbled and blotched with crim- 
son ; flavor, a combination of the peach and nectarine. August 
Merlin, a large, luscious, pale peach from " Early Grosse Mignonne," flavor 

particularly rich. Early in August. 
Osprey, a very large peach from '' Pavie de Pompone," sister to "Princess of 

Wales," but ten or twelve days later. Beginning of Oct. 
Prince of Wales, very large, color deep crimson, melting, rich and excellent; 

a very fine peach. Middle of Sept. 
Princess of Wales, very large ; one of the largest and best peaches known, and 

one of the most beautiful, its color cream with a rosy cheek, melting, rich 

and excellent. End of Sept. 
River's Early York, medium size, skin marbled with red, flesh melting and 

juicy; very delicious. 
Radclyflfe, a very large peach from " Desse Tardive;" pale, flavor excellent. 

End of Sept. and early in Oct. 
Sea Eagle, a very large peach from " Early Silver," pale in color and of high 

flavor: it ripens end of Aug. 
Stanwick Early York, medium size, bright crimson color; the most delicious 

of peaches, raised between Stanwick Nectarine and Early York Peach 
The Nectarine Peach. Very large, pointed, with a smooth nectarine-like skin ; 

flesh melting, rich and racy. It was raised from a stone of a Dutch Nec- 
tarine, and has a peculiar delicious flavor. Middle of Sept. 

Additional List of Peaches. 

(w.) W'hite Flesh. (y.) Yellow Flesh. (c.) Cling Stone. 

Alberge, (y.) Druid Hill, (w.) " Kerby's Favorite, (y.) 

Atlanta, {w.) Early Grosse Mignon- Late Yellow Alberge, 

Bickford's Cling, (c.) ne, (iv.) (Oct. Yellow or Al- 

Columbia, (y.) Fetter's White, (w.) ger's Winter.) 

Cooledge's Favorite, (w.) Gen. Hancock, (c.) Late Admirable, [iv.) 

Davis' Cling, (c.) Howlett, (w.) Petit's Imperial. 

Desse Tardive, * Hopkin's Mammoth, (i^.) Rodman's Cling, (c.) 



(w.) White Flesh. 
Rickford's Cling, 
Reeves' Late, {y.) 
Royal George, 
Talmer's Tree, (w.) 
Saul's Superb, 
Sleeper's Dwarf, 
Smith's Oct. Free, 
" Cling, 
Tuckahoe Late, (w.) 

(y.) Yellow Flesh. 
Taylor's Cling, (c.) 
The Germain Free, 
Transon's Free, 
Todd's Early, 
Tippecanoe Cling, (c.) 
Van Buren's Dwarf, (y.) 
Cowing's Roberta, large 
size, very rich, yellow, 
free. Middle of Aug. 

(c.) Cling Stone. 
Washington Cling, (c ) 
Dr. Kersh, very large. 
Sally Worle, 
Willard's Seedling, very 

large, white, flesh free. 

First Week in Sept. 

jN'ew Georgia Peaches. 

Amelia, {w. f.) 
Connor's White Cling, 
Fleitas or Yellow St. 

Gen'l Taylor, 
Harper's Cling, 
Indian Blood Cling, 
Nix's Late, 

Picquet's Late, (y.f.) 
Stonewall Jackson, 
White Globe Cling, (c.) 


Price — 25 to 50 cents each. 

Apple or Orange, large, roundish, color golden yellow ; very productive. Oct. 

Angers, fruit large ; a vigorous strong grower. 

Portugal, fruit very large, oblong, fruit lighter in color than the apple; tree 

vigorous and luxuriant. 
Eea's Mammoth, very large and fine, a variety of the orange. 


Price — 25 to 50 cents each. 

Black Ischia, medium size, deep purple, sweet and rich. 

Brown Ischia, medium size, rich and excellent. 

Brown Turkey or Lee's Perpetual, brownish purple, large, rich and excellent. 

Brunswick, brownish purple, very large and good. 

Bourgasotte Grise, medium size, very rich and good. 

Blue Ischia, medium size, bluish purple, rich and good. 

Blue Marseilles, bluish purple, rich and good. 

Castle Kennedy or Marseilles, very large, early and good. 

Col di Signora Bianca, medium size, green changing to yellowish white; most 

Dauphin d'Argenteul, very large and fine; early. 
Early Violet, small, brownish purple, profuse bearer. 
Grosse Verte, very large, pale green, rich and excellent, 
Madeline Early, large, gray skin, white flesh, productive. 
Negro Largo, fruit of the largest size, jet black, marked with longitudinal 

ribs ; very delicious. 
Pergussata, small, round, purplish brown, flesh red, very rich. 
Royal Vineyard, medium size, brownish purple, very rich. 
White Marseilles, large, greenish white, flesh white, sweet and luscious. 
White Genoa, large, yellowish white, flesh tinted red, rich and.good. 



Price — 25 to 50 cents each, (save new varieties marked *, price of those on 

Class First — Black Grapes. 

Alvey, bunch medium, compact, berries small to medium, sprightly, vinous, no 

pulp ; a good wine grape; ripens with Isabella. 
Belvidere, large bunch and berry, black, similar in appearance to Hartford 

Prolific, but earlier and better ; very vigorous, healthy and productive. 
*Black Defiance, (Underhill's,) new large bunch and berry, black with a fine 

bloom, similar to Concord but larger and much superior in quality ; a fine 

table grape ; two weeks after Concord. 
*Black Eagle, (Underbill's,) a new grape of great promise, large bunch and 

berry with a fine bloom : a splendid table grape of finest quality ; ripens 

with Concord. 
Black Hawk, bunch and berry large, a seedling from Concord, superior in flavor 

and a few days earlier. 
*Bacchus, (Ricketts,) a seedling from Clinton. "Vine vigorous, hardy and 

very productive, bunch compact, about six inches long, shouldered, berry 

round, medium size, pulp half tender, juicy, color black with a fine bloom ; 

a fine wine grape." 
Cambridge, (Hovey.) This grape resembling Concord, but with more oval 

berries, bunches large and shouldered, berries large, skin thin, covered with 

a delicate bloom ; flesh rich, brisk and refreshing. 
Clinton, bunches small and compact, berries small, round, rich and juicy; an 

exceedingly vigorous rapid grower; a good wine grape. 
Concord, bunches large, shouldered, berries large, round, juicy, sweet and 

pleasant; vine very hardy, robust, vigorous and prolific, succeeds over a 

large portion of the Union ; never mildews. End of Aug. 
Creveling, bunch large, loose, flesh tender, delicate flavor, slightly vinous, 

sweet and good; ripens with Hartford Prolific 
Cottage, a seedling from Concord, bunch and berries similar to Concord, but a 

shade darker; an extremely vigorous grower and very healthy; ripens 

just before Concord. 
Cunningham, (Long), a Southern grape of the family of Herbemont, bunch 

compact, medium occasionally shouldered, berries small, juicy and vinous; 

very vigorous and a profuse bearer ; ripens late ; makes an excellent 

Cynthiana, bunch medium, compact, shouldered, berries below medium, round 

with a blue bloom, sweet, spicy and juic}'. This vine very much resembles 

Norton's Va., the berries are said to be more juicy and sweeter; one of the 

finest wine grapes. 
Conqueror, bunches long, loose, shouldered, berries above medium, with a fine 

bloom, flesh juicy and sweet; a vigorous grower and healthy vine ; ripens 

with Concord. 
Elsinburgh of Ga., buncties pretty large, shouldered, berries small, round, 

covered with a tine bloom, a very nice little grape for the dessert, sweet 

and melting, without pulp. 
■^^Early Dawn, very early and productive, and of superior quality, (new.) 
Eumelan, bunches of good size, compact shouldered, berries medium, round, 

with a fine bloom, flesh tender, sweet and sprightly ; healthy, vigorous and 

productive. Ripens early. 
Hartford Prolific, bunch large, shouldered and compact berries, large, round, 

black, flesh juicy and rich; vine vigorous and productive; one of the 

earliest. Middle of Aug. 
Herbemont, (Herbemont's Madeira, Warren,) bunch very large, shouldered and 

compact, berries below medium, round, dark blu€, skin thin, juicy, sweet 

and rich ; vigorous and productive. 


Harris or Old House of Georgia. This Georgia grape is of the Herbemont class. 
Similar to it in bunch and berry as well as of growth of vine ; a desirable 
wine grape. 
Hermann. " Bunch long and narrow, compact, berries small, round, fine 
bloom, moderately juicy; very vigorous and productive; ripens late. 
Fine wine grape." 
^Highland, (Ricketts.) " Bunch eight inches long heavily shouldered, berries 
large roundish oval, bluish black with a blue bloom, free from pulp, rich, 
sweet and vinous." A very tine new grape. 
Israella, bunches large shouldered, compact, very large, oval, covered with a 
fine bloom, first rate quality ; an excellent grape for the South. Ripens 
after Hartford Prolific 
Isabella, bunches long, large, loose, berries large oval, black, juicy and sweet; 

vigorous and productive. 
Ives' Seedling, bunch medium, compact, shouldered, berries above medium, 
black, roundish oval, fle>h with some pulp, juicy and sweet; verj- vigorous, 
productive, and 'free from mildew; a fine wine grape. Ripens after 
Lenoir, ( Oevereux,) a southern grape of the Herbemont family ; bunch medium 
compact, shouldered, berry small bluish black, no pulp, flesh juicy, sweet 
and vinous ; a tine grower ; an excellent southern wine grape. 
Miles, bunch small, compact, berries small, round, flesh tender, slight pulp, 

vinous, ])leasant ; one of the (j-arliest. Valuable for the North. 
*Moore's Early. " Bunch large, berry round, large, (as large as Wilder,) black 
with a heavy blue bloom ; very early, ripening ten days before Hartford 
and twenty before Concord." 
*Monroe, (new.) " Bunch medium to large shouldered, something like Con- 
cord, berries large, round, black covered with a thick bloom, flesh juicy, 
sweet and vinous. Ripens with Hartford Prolific." 
*Neosho, bunch and berries about the size of Norton's, compact, shouldered, 
pulp fleshy, sweet and juicy. This grape resembles Norton's ; valuable for 
the South as a wine grape. 
Norton's Va., bunch long, compact, shouldered, berry small with dark bluish 
red juice, very little pulp, sweet and brisk; vine vigorous, healthy, hardy, 
and productive ; ripens late. One of the very wine grapes. 
North Carolina, bunch medium to large, compact, berries large oblong, slight 
bloom, flesh pulpy but sweet; ripens just before Concord, a vigorous 
grower, healthy and productive. 
•^Rochester, (new ) " Bunch large, shouldered, very compact, berries medium 
to large, round dark purple with thin white blooms, flesh sweet, vinous, 
rich and aromatic: very vigorous grower." 
Bentz. Bunch large, shouldered: compact, berry large, round black, flesh 
pulpy and musky, very juicy, ripens before Ives; an exceedingly vigorous 
grower; a good wine grape 
Koger's Hybrid, Barry, (No. 43.) Bunch rather short, berries round, flesh 
tender, sweet and pleasant ; vigorous and productive ; 
ripens with Concord. 
" " Essex, (No. 41.) Bunch medium, compact, shouldered, 

berries large, flesh tender and sweet, with a highly 
aromatic flavor ; a vigorous grower, healthy and prolific. 
Ripens early. 
" " Herbert, (No. 44) Bunch large, rather long and loose; 

berry above medium, flesh sweet and rich ; productive, 
*< " Merrimac, (No. 19) Bunch medium to large, berries large, 

sweet and rich, a very fine and reliable variety; a good 
grower and bearer. Ripens early in Sept. 
*' *« Wilder, (No. 4.) Bunch large, berry very large, deep blue 

black, fle.«h tender, juicy and sweet; very fine. Beg. Sept. 
*' " (No. 2.) Bunch and berry large, excellent quality ; vigorous 

and productive ; late. 
" «' (No. 33 ) Bunch large, berries large; vigorous and productive. 

" " (No. 39.) Bunch and berries large, good quality, productive. 


Talmarij (Early Champion), ripe a week before Hartford Prolific, it is of finer 
quality, and berries adhere to the bunch. 

Telegraph, (or Christine), bunch medium, compact, shouldered, juicy with 
very little pulp, nearly as early as Hartford ; vigorous and very pro- 

Union Village or Ontario, bunch and berry very large ; very attractive in ap- 
pearance, but of inferior quality. 

^"Whitehall, a very early black grape, bunches about the size of Isabella, dark 
purple, thin skin, berries adhere to bunch, pulp tender, melting and sweet. 

"Wordon. a seedling from Concord, ri{)ens a week earlier, bunch and berry 
about the same size, said to be sweeter. 

Class Second — Red Grapes. 

*Brighton, (Hooker), a very fine new early grape, very large bunch, shouldered, 

berries red ; no pulp, a delicious flavor ; a very promising grape. 
Catawba, bunch large, berrif^s large, round slightly oval, deep red, flesh juicy, 
sweet and rich ; whenever this fine old variety succeeds it has no superior ; 
Delaware, bunch small, berries small, round, skin thin, light red or flesh color, 
flavor sweet, vinous, aromatic, fully equal to the best foreign sorts ; vines 
slender when young, but with age free and vigorous in growth, very hardy 
and productive. Middle of Aug. 
Diana, bunch large and compact, berries large, round, catawba color, juicy, 
sweet and rich ; a very delicious grape, exceedingly vigorous and productive, 
lona. bunch large, compact, berries medium to large, flavor rich, sweet and 

vinous ; very fine ; whenever it succeeds it is a most desirable grape. 
^JeflTcrson, a seedling of Eickett's, like lona in color texture and quality, 

ripens with Concord; very hardy and healthy. 
Mottled, bunch and berry medium, a seedling from Catawba ; ripens earlier 

and more reliable. 
Northern Muscadine, bunch medium, compact, berry medium to large, amber 
color or brownish red, ^esh pulpy and foxy, sweet; vigorous and pro- 
Roger's Hybrid, Agawam, (No. 15.) Bunches large, berries very large, dark 
red or maroon, pulp crisp sprightly and sweet; a hand- 
some grape, vigorous and productive. 
** " Goethe, (^No. 1.) Very large bunch, berry large oval flavor 

delicious. In the North, white ; South, of a light red when 
ripe. Ripens late ; very vigorous ; a fine variety for the 
" " Lindley, (No. 9.) Bunch and berry medium to large, round, 

flesh tender, sweet and aromatic; similar to Salem, and 
nearly or quite as good ; very productive. Early. 
" " Massasoit, (No. 3.) Large bunch, berry large oval, purplish 

red, very little pulp, fine flavor; an excellent early grape. 
Ripens with Delaware. 
" " Salem, (No 53.) Bunch large and compact, berry large of a 

light Chesnut or Catawba color ; thin skin, perfectly free 
from hard pulp ; very sweet and sprightly, with a' most 
exquisite aromatic flavor. The best of Roger's Hybrids. 
Ripens just after Delaware. 
" " (No. 5 ) Bunch medium, moderately compact, berry large, 

round, flesh tender, melting, sweet and rich ; an excellent 
grape. Ripens with Delaware. 
" *' (No 8.) Bunch large, berries largo, amber red, quality fine, 

Rather late in ripening 
" '* (No. 30*^ Bunch and berries large, deep amber, fine quality. 

Ripens with Diana. 
Walter. Bunch and berry medium, shouldered, Catawba color, flesh tender, 
rich and sweet, delicious flavor; vine a good grower and productive. 
Ripens early in Sept. 


*Wyoming Eed, (Wilmington Ked.) "Bunch and berry double the size of 
Delaware, of the same color or a shade lighter, and much like it in flavor 
and pulp ; very early, ten days in advance of Concord." 

Class Third — White Grapes. 

^Duchess. " Color white, bunch shouldered, compact, from five to eight inches 
in length, and frequently weighing a pound each, quality best, sweet, juicy, 
rich and delicious; vine vigorous, hardy and productive." 

*E1 Dorado, similar to Lady Washington. In vine and fruit there exists a 
strong resemblance between the two varieties, the El Dorado being clear, 
golden yellow with no pink tinge, and with the addition of a decided 

Elvira, bunch medium, shouldered, compact, berry medium, color pale green 
with white bloom, skin thin and transparent, pulp sweet, very tender and 
juicy, tine flavor, ripens about ten days after Concord ; vine a vigorous, 
stocky grower, exceedingly productive, healthy and hardy. Said to make 
a superior wine. 

Eva, white Concord seedling, medium size, early, fine flavor. 

*Irving, (Underbill,) bunch and berries large, no pulp; a delicious new white 

Lady, a seedling from Concord, bunch and berry similar, color greenish yellow 
covered with white bloom, pulp tender, flavor sweet and rich, slightly 
vinous, better flavored than Concord and ripens before it. Kecommended 
as " the very best white grape for universal cultivation yet introduced." 

*Lady Washington. " Very vigorous hardy and productive, bunch very large, 
compact, generally double shouldered, berry medium to large, round, deep 
yellow with a tinge of delicate pink where exposed to the sun, and covered 
with a thin white bloom, flesh soft, tender, juicy, sweet and very good ; it 
ripens about with the Concord. This showy and beautiful grape is a hybrid 
from the Concord and Allen's Hybrid, and is a promising grape for market 
and the amateur." * 

Martha, bunch medium, shouldered, berries large, greenish yellow, with a 
bloom ; quality better than Concord from which it has been raised ; a fine 
hardy white grape. 

*Noah, a new white grape, a vigorous grower and free bearer ; promises to be 
a tine wine grape. 

*The Prentiss, (new) "Bunch large, not 'often shouldered, compact, berry 
medium, yellowish green, sometimes with a vo?,j tint next the sun, flesh 
tender, sweet, melting, juicy, with a pleasant aroma, a good grower and 
very productive " 

Maxatawney, bunches medium, shouldered, compact, berries large, oval white, 
juicy and delicious; vine hardy, vigorous and productive; a very fine 
white grape. 

Scuppernong, a well known Southern grape ; extensively grown. 

*Triumph, bunch and berry very large, color white, skin thin, no pulp, delicious 
flavor ; ripens after Concord, vine very healthy, hardy and productive ; a 
very promising new white grape. 

Additional List of Hardy Native Gtrapes. 

Arnold's Brant, (No. 8.) Framingham, Rogers, (No. 13,) 

" Canada, (No. 16 ) Janesville, very early, " (No. 14 ) (Guert- 
" Cornucopia, (No. 2.) black, ner's,) 
'« Othello, (No. 1.) Long, " (No. 25,) 
Bland, Purple Favorite of Ga. " (No, 28,) (Re- 
Clinton Hybrid, (Dr. Sherman, qua,) 

Wiley,) Shelbourne, " (No. 34,) 

Croton, (IJnderhill,) Senasqua, (Underbill's,) 




Foreign Grapes to be grown satisfactorily in this climate, require the protec- 
tion of glass ; with this protection and without fire-heat, they may be grown to 
perfection, that is in cold vineries. 

Price — 50 cents each ; $5 per dozen, (save new varieties.) 

Class First — Black and Purple Grapes. 


Black Prince, 

Black St. Peter's, 

Black Damascus. 

Black Morocco or Kemp- 
sey's Alicante, 

Black Frontignan, 

Black Hamburg, 

Black Tripoli, 

Black Muscat of Alexan- 
dria or Muscat Ham- 


Bidweirs Seedling, 
Burckhardfs Prince, 
Cambridge Botanic Gar- 
Champion Hamburg, 
Frogmore St. Peter's, 

Early Black Bordeaux, 
Grizzley Frontignan, 
Hamburg Richmond 

Hamburg Victoria, 

Hamburg Mill Hill, 
Hamburg, Wilmot's, 
Lady Downe's Seedling, 
Lombardy Black or West 

St. Peter's, 
Mrs. Pince's Black Mus- 
cat, (new,) 
Madresfield Court Black 

Muscat, (new.) 
Royal Ascot, (new,) 
Trentham Black, 

Class Second — White Grapes. 

Bowood Muscat, 
Buckland's Sweet Water, 
Cannon Hall Muscat, 
Cbasselas Musque or St. 

Cbasselas Golden, 
Cbasselas Vibert, 
Cbasselas Rose, 
Charlesworth Tokay, 
Duchess of Buccleugh, 
Decan's Superb, 

Early White Malvasia, 
Foster's White Seedling, 

Golden Champion, 

Thomson's, (new,) 
Golden Hamburg, 
Muscat St. Laurent, 
Prolific Sweet Water, 
Royal Muscadine or 

Cbasselas de Fontain- 




White Frontignan, 

White Lady Downe's, 

W^ite Muscat of Alex- 

White Sweet Water, 

White Nice, 

With many other fine 



15 eta. each, 75 cts. per doz., -^3 per 100, (save where priced.) 

*Crat8egifolius, (new.) This new variety has showy erect stems, six to eight 
feet high, leaves large dark green, fruit scarlet color, transparent, sugary 
and agreeable ; ripe in July, a great bearer. 

Duncan Falls, a vigorous hardy variety, very productive and early. 


Kittatinny, fruit nearly or quite as large as Lawton, and of the highest flavor; 
very hardy and productive. 

Lawton or New Rochelle, the largest of all, fine flavored. 

Missouri Mammoth, said to be very large and fine flavored. 

"Wilson's Early, fruit large and very productive; the earliest of all black- 

Snyder, very hardy and productive. 

"Wacbusett Tbornless, very hardy and productive and desirable from being 

Warren, very hardy and productive, of medium size, early. 


The Currant stands pre-eminent among small fruits for its great value. Yet 
perhaps there is no other fruit which has been treated with as much neglect; 
the poorest varieties being generally planted to the exclusion of the large finer 

Price 15 cis. each, ^1 per doz., {save new varieties.) 

Attractor, a fine large red currant. 

Belle de St. Giles, (new,) a fine large red fruit. 

Black Naples, fruit large and fine; hardy and productive. 

Boulogne Red, a fine new large red currant. 

Boulogne White, a new white currant. 

Caucasus, a very large and fine red currant. 

Cherry Red, very large ; one of the largest red currants. 

Cherry White, similar to the last, but white. 

Dana's White, bunch long; a fine new white currant. 

Fertile de Palluau, fruit large and excellent; very productive. 

Fertile d'Angers, fruit very large and fine. 

Gloire de Sablons, fruft striped, very distinct and novel. 

Gondouin White, fruit large, whitish yellow, sweet; good grower. 

Imperial White, bunch and berry large, sweet and good. 

Knight's Early Red, the earliest of all reds. 

Knight's Large Red, fruit very large, red, bunches very long and fine ; very 
productive'; one of the finest red currants. 

Knight's Sweet Red, fruit of fair size, light red, less acid than other red 

La Hative. a very early red currant from France ; excellent. 

La Versaillaise, berries nearly or quite as larsje as those of the Cherry Currant, 
bunches long, the largest red currant, deep red ; robust grower and pro- 

La Versaillaise, White, (new.) The bunch is as long, finely set, and the 
berries as big as those of the Red Cherry, are white, transpapent, very 
sugarj^ and very good. 

Lee's New Prolific Black, (new.) Bunches very long, flavor mild and fine. 
The finest of all Black Currants 

Long Bunched Red Dutch, berries large, bunches very long, deep red ; very 
productive ; later than Red Dutch ; very good. 

Prince Albert, very light, light red, late in ripening ; productive, similar to 

Red Dutch Short Bunched, berries large, deep red; this is a sweet, rich and 
good currant. 

Red Grape, fruit very large, bunches very long, clear red color ; very produc- 

*Saul's Long Red, a very vigorous new variety, bunches very long, berries 
large deep red ; a very fine red. 



Transparent White, berries large, amber color, bunches long ; a fine new 

French currant. 
Victoria, (or Raby Castle,) berries as large as Red Dutch, bright red, bunches 

very long, hangs longer than any other currant; an excellent lute variety. 
White Dutch, berries large, yellowish white, bunches long, much less acid 

than any of the red currants ; very popular ; the best white currant. 
White Grape, berries very large, bunches long, whitish yellow, sweet and 

good ; excellent. 


English Varieties. 

We grow the finest varieties of red, yellow, white and green, particularly 
such as are least disposed to mildew in our climate. 
Price — 20 cents each, $2 per dozen, 

American Varieties. 

Price 15 cents each, ^1 'per dozen, (save where priced.) 
American Seedling, a good grower and great bearer. 

Downing's Seedling. 

Downing's Seedling, raised from seed by Mr. C. Downing, of Newburg, N. Y 
larger than Houghton's; excellent. 20 cts. each, $1.60 per doz. 


Houghton's Seedling, medium size, pale red, flesh tender and good, never mil- 
dews; vigorous and prolific. 

Mountain Seedling, larger than Houghton's, good flavor, never mildews; 
vigorous and productive. 

Smith's Improved, a fine new variety, larger than Houghton. 

Utah Seedling. Somewhat like Houghton ; productive. 


The cultivation of this useful fruit is carried on very extensively in the 
vicinity of our large cities ; it should not however be overlooked in the smallest 
garden. A deep rich soil, with liberal manuring, suits it. 

Class Fikst — ^^Varieties of the Antwerp Type. 

Price 10 cts. each^ 75 cts. per doz., ^3 per 100, [save new varieties and those priced.) 
When sent by mail, SO cents per dozen, and 70 cents per 100 additionaL 

Belle de Fontenay, (Autumnal Bearing.) fruit large, round, dark red, sprightly, 
rich, firm ; hardy and productive. 

Brandy wine, very large, bright scarlet, firm and beautiful ; cane very hardy 
and productive. Sells well in market. One of the best raspberries. 

Clark, fruit large, light scarlet ; very hardy and productive ; a fine new rasp- 

*Cuthbert, (Queen of the Market,) remarkably handsome, {he size of Hudson 
Rivers' Antwerp, of a deep crimson color. 

Delaware, fruit large, bright crimson, luscious flavor, a seedling from Hornet; 
hardy and productive. 

Herstine, berry large, bright crimson color, flavor very good ; an excellent 
grower, an early and abundant bearer. The largest and best hardy rasp- 
berry ; commands the highest price in market. 

Pearl, medium size, bright red, a handsome firm berry. 

Philadelphia, berry dark red color, very hardy and productive ; grown exten- 
sively for market. 

^Pride of the Hudson. The finest of red raspberries, very large, very productive 
and of exquisite flavor. 

■5^Reliance, a seedling of Philadelphia, very hardy and productive, larger and 
brighter in color. 

Turner, fruit medium size, bright scarlet, good quality; a very strong vigorous 
grower and productive ; one of the best. 

Thwack, fruit firm, bright red, resembling Brandywine ; a very hardy raspberry. 

* Winant, fruit very large, bright red and very firm ; hardy and productive. 

Additional List of Raspberries. 

Antwerp Rpd, (English,) Elm City, Merville des 4 Saisons, 
Arnold's Orange King, Fastolff", Northumberland Fill- 
Bristol, Franconia, basket. 
Christine, Highland Hardy, 

Class Second — American Species and Yarieties. 

10 cts. each, 50 cts. per doz., ^3 per 100, {save new sorts marked *.) 

American Black Cap or Improved Black Cap, our well-known native Black 

Cap ; hardy and productive. 
*Belmont, very large, of excellent quality ; hardy and productive, color black — 



♦Caroline, fruit very large, color bright orange, extremely hardy and pro- 

Golden Thornless, fruit medium, deep golden color; hardy and productive. 

*Gregg. much the largest of this class, very firm, jet black; hardy and pro- 

Lum's Everbearing, a variety of Black Cap, which gives fruit in the autumn. 
SI per dozen 

Mammoth Cluster. The largest Black Cap in cultivation ; canes strong and 
vigorous ; very productive, late. 

*New Rochelle, fruit large, firm, juicy and high flavored, color red ; very hardy 
and productive. 

Ohio Everbearing, an autumnal bearing Black Cap. $1 per dozen. 

Thornless, (Davison's,) a variety of Black Cap, the canes of which are thorn- 

Additional List of American Raspberries. 

Catawissa, Ganargua, "Walter's, 

E«rly Cluster, Miller'^s Daily, Yellow Cap. 



"We grow this valuable quite extensively for market as well as plants, and 
have tested all the new varieties as they appear, native or foreign. Those we 
describe will be found most suitable for this latitude and South. 

Price — 25 cts. per doz., $1 per 100, (save new varieties.) 

When plants are ordered by mail add 5 cents per dozen and 25 cents per 100 
for postage. Not less than 12 at dozen, nor 50 at hundred rates will be sent 
by mail. 

Class First— Select American Varieties. 

Albany, (Wilson's,) fruit large, deep crimson, with a brisk acid flavor, hardy; 
vigorous and extremely productive. 

Belle, Targe and exceedingly fine; said to be one of the largest. 

Boyden's No. 30, fruit very large, bright crimson, flesh firm, juicy and rich; 
very vigorous and productive. 

Champion, globe shape, dark crimson, large size and good quality ; a most 
vigorous grower and very productive. 

Cinderella, early, berries large, conical and regular, bright scarlet, firm and 
excellent flavor. 

Col. Cheney, large, bright red, firm, good quality; vigorous, hardy, and very 

Cowing's Seedling, large, firm, productive ; bright red color and good quality. 

Charles Downing, fruit large, conical ; deep scarlet, flesh light scarlet; moder- 
ately firm, juicy, and of excellent flavor; vigorous, productive and hardy; 
one of the most valuable varieties. 

Capt. Jack, fruit very large, beautiful, solid; a vigorous grower and produc- 
tive ; very fine. 

Centennial Favorite, fruit large, conical, rich color, very handsome, flavor 
delicious ; continues in bearing a long time ; an excellent variety. 

Crescent Seedling, medium size, conical, very uniform bright scarlet ; beautiful 
and very firm. 


Cumberland Triumph, berries of great size, fine form, beautiful, and of finest 
flavor; very vigorous and productive, one of the finest. 

Duchess, one of the earliest Strawberries, a good grower, fine cropper of fair 
size and firm. 

Duncan, fruit large, rich crimson ; a vigorous grower and great bearer, 

Essex Beauty, (Durand's,) berries very large, rich crimson, fine flavor ; robust 
grower and very productive; a magnificent large fruit. 

Forest Rose, a magnificent large berry, rich crimson color, very fine fiavor and 
firm; very vigorous and productive. 

Fillmore, fruit large, globular, dark red, flesh firm, juicy, sweet and rich ; 
plant very vigorous and productive ; one of our standard varieties. 

Glendale, very large, very firm and late ; a strong grower and productive. 

Great American, magnificent, berries have measured nine inches in circum- 
ference ; a robust grower and heavy cropper. Said to be the finest of 
all Strawberries. 

Kentucky, fruit large, bright scarlet, flesh firm, juicy, rich and sweet; said to 
be a week later than other varieties; plant vigorous and productive. 

Miners' Great Prolific, berries very large, deep crimson, fine flavor, late and 
wonderfully productive. 

Monarch of the West. One of the largest and best market strawberries in cul- 
tivation, a strong vigorous grower, giving its magnificent fruit in great 

President Lincoln. An immense berry. It is stated by the raiser that " 10 
berries weighed 17 oz. and were between 10 and 11 inches in circumference." 
A vigorous grower and great bearer. 

Prouty's Seedling, berr}'^ medium, conical, bright red, very firm ; a very vigor- 
ous free grower and great cropper — early. 

Red Jacket, early, very large, dark crimson, exceedingly sprightly and pro- 

Russell's Advance, four to five inches in circumference, bright crimson, fine 
flavor, firm; a vigorous grower and very productive. 

Sharpless Seedling. '* Large to very large, one and a half inches in diameter, 
oblong, clear bright red, firm, sweet with a delicate aroma, first quality. 
Plant vigorous and luxuriant, hardy and productive." Said to be one of 
the finest of strawberries. 

Springdale, {p) very large, beautiful and productive. 

Sterling, (p) berry large, rich crimson, fine flavor and an excellent cropper; a 
very good variety. 

Additional List of American Strawberries. 

Agriculturist, Fowler's Seedling, Mathilda, 

Black Defiance, Huddleston's Favorite, Marvin, (new,) 

Black Giant (new,) (new,) Neunan's Prolific, 

Boyden's Mammoth, Heximar's Seedling, Pioneer, (new,) 

Crystal City, (very early) (new,) Star of the West, 

Damask Beauty, Late Prolific, Seth Boyden, (No. 30,) 

Dr. Warder, Lenning's White, Warren, (new,) 

Early Adela, Longfellow, i,new,) W^indsor Chief. 

Class Second — Select Foreign Varieties. 

Jucunda, enormously large, bright crimson, flesh firm, juicy, rich and sweet; 

this is perhaps the largest of strawberries, but liable to burn in some 

Marechal MacMahon, fruit of the largest size, bright crimson, delicious flavor; 

a good grower and bearer. 
Seedling Efiza, fruit very large, bright scarlet, flesh firm, juicy, rich and 

delicious ; plant very vigorous and productive ; the finest strawberry 

grown for the Washington market. 



Triomphe de Gand, fruit large, dark crimson, flesh very firm, juicy, rich and 
perfumed; plant Vigorous and productive; another superb market berry. 

Vicomtesse Hericart de Thury, fruit above medium, bright scarlet, flesh firm, 
juicy and delicious; moderately productive; the very finest Amateur's 


(Dyospyros Kaki.) 

A collection of the finest Japanese varieties. 
Price — 75 cents to SI each. 

Japanese Persimmox, 
{Dyospyros Kaki.) 



Almonds, Sweet, Hard Shell. 25 to 50 cts. each. 

" Soft Shell. 25 to 50 cts. each. 

*' Great Fruited, (Macrocarpa.) 25 to 50 cts. each. 

" Sultana. 25 to 50 cts. each. 
Chestnut, Spanish. 25 to 50 cts. each. 
Medlar. 75 cts. each. 

Mulberry, Downing's Everbearing. 50 cts. each. 
Black English. $1 each. 

" White. 25 to 50 cts. each. 

Oranges and Lemons, many varieties, (see Catalogues Nos. 3 and 6.) 
Walnut, English or Madeira Nut.- 50 cts. each. 

" French Dwarf Prolific, an early and abundant bearer, $1 each. 

" American Black. 50 cts. each. 

" «' Butter Nut. 50 cts. each. 


Price 35 cents each, ^3 per dozen. 

Emperor, Davian^, Red Filbert, 

Fertile de Coutard, Kentish Cob, White Filbert, 

Cosford, Nottingham Prolific, 


Apples, by the quantity. 50 cts. per 100, $2.50 per 1000. 

Pears, " " 75 cts. per 100, $4.00 per 1000. 

Cherries, " " 75 cts. per 100, $4.00 per 1000. 

Plums, " " 75 cts. per 100, $4.00 per 1000. 

Each Scion will cut two to four grafts. 

Orders received for the above from middle of December to middle of February, 


Asparagus Roots, Giant. 2 years old, $1 per 100, $6 per 1000. 

" Conover's Colossal. 2 years old, $1 per 100, $6 per 1000. 

Rhubarb, Johnson's St. Martin, fine early scarlet. 40 cts. each. 
" New Emperor, very large and excellent. 40 cts. each, 
" Scott's Monarch, very large and fine. 50 cts. each. 


Rhubarb, McLean's Early, the earliest blood red. 15 cts. each, $1 per doz. 
" Mitchell's Prince Albert, blood red color, flavor excellent. 15 cts. 

each, $1 per doz. 
" Myatt's Linnaeus, very large and fine, rich flavor. 15 cts. each, SI 

per doz., So per 100. 
" Mvatt's Victoria, verv large and excellent sort. 15 cts. each, SI per 

doz., S5 per 100. 
'- Salt's Crimson Perfection, large, rich scarlet, fine flavor. 40 cts. each. 


At my Seed "Warehouse, No. 621 Seventh Street, opposite "C. S. Patent Office, 
will be found, an extensive as well as one of the best selected assortments of 
Garden, Flower and Agricultural Seeds in the United States. It includes all 
the valuable sorts of home-growth, as well as the standard varieties and novel- 
ties from England, France and Germany. Being a practical seed-grower I can 
confidently warrant all as to purity and accuracy. Prices as low as any house 
in the trade. 

Green House and Bedding Plants, Dutch Flowering Bulbs, with every article 
pertaining to the Nursery and Seed Trade, can be supplied of best quality and 




Apples;, 4 

" Crab, Siberian, 9 

Apricots, 31 

Almonds, 50 

Asparagus, 50 

Blackberries, 4.3 

Cherries, 24 

Chesnut. Spanish, 50 

Currants, 44 

Esculent Roots, 50 

Figs, 38 

Filberts, 50 

Grapes, Native, 39 

" Foreign, * 43 

Gooseberries, 45 

Hints on Transplanting, 3 

Japanese Persimmons, . • • . . .... 49 

Miscellaneous Fruits, 50 

Mulberries, 50 

Medlar, 50 

Nectarines, 31 

Oranges and Lemons, 50 

Pears, 11 

Peaches, 32 

Plums, 28 

Ptrus Maulei, 23 

Quinces 38 

Raspberries, 46 

Rhubarb, 50 

Scions for Grafting, 50 

Strawberries, 47 

Walnuts, 60 


I have taken Preraiuras as follows for collections of Pears, which will give 
our patrons some idea of the varieties and quality of fruit we grow : 

Mary land i 

American Po- 
mological So- 
cietpf Richmond, 
Va., September, 1811 
Boston, Mass., 1873 
Chicago, 111., 1875 
Baltimore, Md., 1877 
Rochester, X. Y., 
1879, Bronze Medals "^§ 
tor a large and supe- ^.-v= 
rior collection of ^ 

DwARF Pear. 

Society f Baltimore, 

September, 1875, 
First Premium for the 
largest and finest col- 
lection of Pears — also 
in 1-876, '77, '78&'80. 

Pen n sylvania 
Society, Philadel- 
phia, September, 
1876, First Premium 
for a large and supe- 
rior collection of 

I was Awarded the following Premiums at the Gwcinnati lnduf<trial 

Exposition, September, 1879. 
First Premium—" Best Group of Crotons." 
First Premium— " Best Single Specimen of Croton." 
First Premium— " Best Group of Dracaenas." 
First Premium— " Best Group of xMarantas." 
First Premium— " Best Single Specimen of Maranta." 
First Premium— " Best Single Specimen of DieflFenbachia." 
.First Premium— " Best Single Specimen of Variegated Foliage Plant" 
Second Premium— " Second Best Group of Variegated Foliage Plants." 
Special Premium—" For Davallia Mooreana. 
I have also been awarded for several years, leading Premiums by the Mary. 

land Horticultural Society for Drac^nas, Crotons, Foliage Plants, Stove 

and Green House Plants, Ferns, &c. In Cut Flowers, for dIhlias, 

Roses, Phloxes, Herbaceous Plants, &c.